I am Anwarul Abbasi, i have managed to get some questions of the recent CDAC (all India) entrance paper of DESD, it was held on 20.08.2006, and here they are:

Sections A ( C programming) Total Question 35
Sections B ( Digital, Mup, Electrical, Networking) Total Question 35
Sections C (Apittute) Total Question 30


1. What is the output of
int a=3,b=5,c=50;
Ans: a=0

2. what is the output of
int x=4;
x<<1; printf(“%d”,x) } Ans: 8 3.Arrays are preffered over link list while? Ans: Accessing elements. 4. The getch() library function returns: Ans: ans Displays a character on the screen when any key is pressed. SECTION B 1. Consider the boolean expression x’yz’+x’y'z+x(y+z) and give its POS. Ans: NA 2. The logic Expression Y=Em(0,3,6,7,10,12,15) is equivalent to. Ans: NA 3. The number of 43 in 2′s complement is Ans: 00101011 4. The process to process delivery of the entire message is the responsibilty of___________ Ans: Transport Layer 5. The IP is ____________ protocol Ans: Reliable and connection oriented 6. The ____________ sub layer is responsible for the operation of CSMA/CD access method in framing Ans: MAC 7. Gigabit ethernet has a data rate of _________ Mbps Ans: NA SECTION C Analogies: 1. Mansard: Roof:: Ans: Dormer: window 2. Curatot:painting:: Ans: Archvist:manuscript Antonyms: 1. Motile Ans: NA 2. Forge