CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions)
CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions)

Cognizant Technology Solutions Placement Paper

Company: Cognizant Technology Solutions

1.Analytical section : This section consists of

* Benn diagram 1-5qn ,this is very easy once you draw the venn diagram you can solve the qns.
* Coding 1 represented as $ and 0 as * 6-10qn . Don’t read the question just convert the number to binary.
* data sufficiency 11-15qn , very easy but concentrate well before answering.
* cubes problem 16-20qn, I advise you take the section at last, R.S.Agarwal is not enough. Also try to go though FreshersHome Aptitude Info
* general 21-25, but this will be very easy questions.

2.Verbal section :
This section is not that easy, time management is very important , try to answer as many correct answers as you can dont try to complete to the question paper,the cut-off will be very low for this section.

* Reading comprehension,
* Correct/incorrect sentence,
* Jumbled passage.

This section does not contain questions in order, so be careful.

3. Attention section : his is also a very easy section,

* Syllogism 1-5qn,
* Analogy figures 6-10qn,
* Odd figure out 11-15qn,

Puzzle 16-20qn, arrangement based puzzle.

Cognizant Technology Solutions Placement Paper

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