Crompton Greaves (CG)
Crompton Greaves (CG)

Crompton Placement paper

Company: Crompton

1. mohr circle is used to find?

2. Wat wil hapen to height of a capilary tube-
a) increses wit increase in diametr
b) decrease wid increase in diametr
c) inceare wit increase in specific weight
d) decerase wid increase in specific weight

3. Specific speed of turbine signifies
a) rotational speed
b) head
c) flow rate
d) not remember

4. Power of a belt is givn by-
a) mass
b) velocity
c) arc
d) all the above

5. At what temperature celsius nd faherinit is equal-
answer. -40

6. Slenderness ratio of a mild steel is-
a) >80
b) <80 c) >90
d) <90 7. Magnet is made of which iron 8. Which is weakest iron a) spring b) bolt c) or optin yad nahn 9. Magnet north pole represents which direction 10. Speriodizing is a type of which proces 11. Normaling is done at a) above crystaline temp with quenchng of oils b) below crystaline temp 12. Rivets r made by which process a) extrusion b) cold heating c) forging 13. y mercury donot stick to the tube a) cohesive force>adhesive force
b) cohesive force

Crompton Placement paper

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