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CSC Placement paper

Company: CSC Financial Service Pvt Ltd

1.C# is a native language of:
A.Java B. .Net C.Visual Basic
2.What is IMP in Objective C
A.Implementation pointer B.Important Pointer C.Intended Pointer

3.The width in bits of double primitive type in Java is –. Select the one correct answer.
1. The width of double is platform dependent 2. 64 3. 128 4. 8 5. 4

4.What would happen when the following is compiled and executed. Select the one correct answer.
2. class example {
3. int x;
4. int y;
5. String name;
6. public static void main(String args[]) {
7. example pnt = new example();
8. System.out.println(”pnt is ” + +
9. ” ” + pnt.x + ” ” + pnt.y);
10. }
11. }
1. The program does not compile because x, y and name are not initialized.
2. The program throws a runtime exception as x, y, and name are used before initialization.
3. The program prints pnt is 0 0.
4. The program prints pnt is null 0 0.
5. The program prints pnt is NULL false

5.Which of these lines will compile? Select all correct answers.
1. short s = 20;
2. byte b = 128;
3. char c = 32;
4. double d = 1.4;;
5. float f = 1.4;
6. byte e = 0;

6.What is contained in the directory /proc?:
a. System information
b. Administrative procedures
c. Boot procedures
d. Documentation on your sytem

8. Transactions per rollback segment is derived from[DBA]
a. Db_Block_Buffer
b. Processes,
c. Shared_Pool_Size,
d. None of the above

9. These following parameters are optional in init.ora parameter file DB_BLOCK_SIZE, PROCESSES
a True,
b False
Ans : False

10.What is the purpose of different record methods
1) Record
2) Pass up
3) As Object
4) Ignore.

11.While running DOS on a PC, which command would be used to duplicate the entire diskette:

CSC Placement paper

About CSC

CSC Financial Services Pvt. Ltd., established in 1995 is a private limited company head quartered in New Delhi, India.

CSC offers Business Process Outsourcing solutions to companies in the Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom and Credit rating business in India. CSC offers onsite and on-call services, deliver strategic, personalized, full-service Operations Support Services.

CSC also offers IT & IT enabled solutions to its customers. With a strong focus on customer needs backed by equally strong process visualization CSC is able to create innovative customized technology solutions.

With a committed and strong workforce CSC, is strongly geared to make a valuable difference to its clients business by enhancing their competitive advantage and profitability.

We provide value to our customers by innovation, accomplishment, trust and long-term relationship through our unique service portfolio and expertise. visit offical Website of CSC Financial Service Pvt Ltd for more details

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