Freescale Semiconductor India Placement Paper

Company: Freescale Semiconductor India


1. the 2’s complement number of 110010 is
Ans; none of those

2.Truth table of a logic function
Ans: displays all its input output possibilities

3.The process of varying one signal according to the pattern provided by another signal is

4.The octal equivalant of hexa number 123 is

Determine how many times the given loop is executed

5.m=3 while (m<18) do {m=m+2;m=m-1}

6.m=1;a=30;while (m<>1) do {m=m+1;a=a-1;}

7.m=1;a=30;while (e*m-5 < a) do {m=m+1;a=a-2}

In questions 8 to 12 find the values of a and b at the end of the execution of the program segment

8.a=2; b=1; x=1; while(x<=4) do {a=a+b;x=x+1}

9.a=1; b=2;x=1 while (x<=5) do {b=a+b;x=x+1;}

10.a=0; b=0; x=1; while (x<=4) {a=a+x; b=b-x; x=x+1;}

11.The complexity of bublle sort is0(a),then k equals

12.In BCD,the decimal number 516 is

13. RS 232 is standards for
Ans:physical layer

14. which of the following is not true of a DBMS
Ans:maintain integrity

15.the method of access used for obtaining a record from a tape is

16.Whichof the following is an universal gate
Ans:nor ASCII text file containing 500 characters will have size approximately

18.which of the following is a vector

19.The lowest attainable temperature
Ans 0k

20.viscosity is most similar to

21.The elapsed time between the submission of the job and getting the output is
Ans:seek time

22.the earliest calculating device still in use is
Ans: abacus

23.Qunatities used to bring fields to standards sixe are

24.the base of a number system is called as

25.An 8kb computer will bave addresses —–

26.Arranging data in a specific form is called
Ans: sorting

27.A translator which reads an entire programme written in a high level language and converts it into machine language code is
Ans: interpreter

28.a data hierarchy in assending order is
Ans:bit-byte -field-record-file-database

29.a computer generated output that lets programmer follow the execution of the program line by line is items grouped togother for storage form a

31. the most dangerous aspect of computer virusesis their ability to
Ans: change system memory

32.a distributed data processing configuration in which all activities must pass through an centrally located computer is called a
Ans: ring network

33.communication circuite that transmit data inboth directions but not at the same time are operating in

34.which of the following is not an application software

35.For which of the folowing computer application is real time processing not essential 36.a data structure with one to many relationship is a

37. which of the following hardware components is most important to operation of a database management system
Ans:high speed,large capacity disk

38. computer viruses can spread from one system to another by means of
Ans:all the above

39. afront end processor is ususally used in
Ans: multi processing

40.a radioactive material of mass 16 grms in 10 years due to radiation. how many years will it take for the material to attain a mass f1 gm

41.a block of ice floats on water in a beaker, as the ice melts,the water level in the beaker will Ans:remain same

42.if va,vn,vs are velocities of sound in air,water, and steel then, Ans:vs>vn>va usual computer arthemetic, the value of the integer expression
Ans:10 acronym for the organisation that publishes programming langauge standards is

Freescale Semiconductor India Placement Paper

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