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Godrej Infotech Ltd Placement Paper

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Pls go thru this paper.i am sure it will help u clear d apti.thevery first page is full of instructions n rules(3)(veryimp) and examples(2)[read it carefully]

The test is known as box test 2D

Work sheet answer sheet

10,5 ,7 in box1,box2 , box 3.get 12 in box 1 U have to write the box no in the brackets

and 15 in box3.use add only.no of steps reqd =3. along with d operation used.
box-1 box-2 box-3 Result

Example 1: 10 5 7 box no. box no.

Step1 5+7=12 5 7 [2] + [3] = [1]

Step 2: 12 5 5+5=10 [2] + [2] = [3]

Step 3: 12 5 10+5=15 [2] + [3] = [3]


1. n+m=n or m where n,m are box no?s.(if in the final step u get it in this form?UR ANSWER IS RIGHT)n*m=n or m

2. don?t remember..something related to subtraction I guess..

3. n/m=dividend..ignore the remainder
(if 9.9..take 9..donot round off)


U have to get the values in specified no. of steps given in each problem.if u get it in less no of steps then be sure U R GOING WRONG SOMEwhere.n if u exceed the no of steps as mentioned in d problem then be ready for 25%negative marking(though they have given space for additional steps)

Moreover,even if u get d correct value in only one of the boxes? ur score is zero for that particular problem.(consider the above example:if u get 12 in box 1 but 25 in box 3 then u will not gain ne mark..i.e,no marks for half right answer..no marks for d steps.).for each problem ,they will mention the no.of steps as well as the operation .

Total questions:10

Time:1 hr

1. 58,13,18 get 40 in box 1 and 85 in box3..use add only..3 steps.
2. 69,70,71 18,19,20 27,28,29 get -3,-4,-5 in box 2 ?use ne/all operations..4 steps
3. -1,0,2 -A   A(A-1)(A+1) get A(A-1)(A-1)(A) in box 2 ..3 stepsuse multiply or divide
4. C A AorC get C-A in box 1 and A-C in box 3 ?.3 steps?use subtract only
5. AC AB BC get 2C(B+A)-B(C-3A) in box1?(i.e3AB+2BC-BC+2AC)?3 steps..use add or subtract only
6. x or y , if x=7 y=12 , if x=19y=24 get even value in box 1 ?2 steps
7. p(price per dozen) 84(expise?.) 7(no.of bats) get total price+ expise in box1?4 steps? use ne /all operations?4 steps
8. big statement problem ..similar to problem no7.
9. 17,42,3 get 50 in box 2 and 25 in box 3 ?3 steps?use add or subtract only.
10. I don?t rem..

U have to be extremely quick wen solving these sums.1 hr seems long but tats not d case.some of the figures which I have written in this paper may get misplaced ?neways?best of luck to u all.

Godrej Infotech Ltd Placement Paper

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