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GODREJ Placement Papers

Company: Godrej Infotech Ltd

1) Find the odd one out a)Nagpur b)Chandigarh c)Delhi d)Punjab e)Rajkot
2) Given the code 1276543890 for LRSTUVAEMG determine how is LATER coded ?
3) A rope 35m long was split into 2 parts one of which was (2/5)th the other.Find the length of the 2 parts.
4) ugly : pretty :: active:___________ a)bold b)smart c)inert d)charming e)pessimistic
5)A man is standing facing the morning sun. He walks 10m south. Then takes a right turn and walks 15m. He then takes a left turn and walks 5m. He then turn around(about turn) and walks 20m.He then turns right and walks 15m.How far is the man from his starting point ?
6) Find the missing number a) 0,2,6,12,20,30,? b) 15,9,24,33,57,?
7) Find out the missing number: 81 27 9 3 1 ? a) ½ b) 1 c) 1/3 d) 1/6
8) Find out the missing number: 2 5 11 23 47 ? a) 80 b) 95 c) 92 d) 101
9) Find the missing number:0,7,26,63,124,? Ans. 215
10)Verbal (opp):::Inert – active , genuine – false, Command, huge,
11) A drowning man can catch the last straw
12) Raja bought a cycle two days before his birthday and it broke 3 days after his bd.if the day cycle broke was 2nd may 1956 when did he buy the cycle.
13) Beautiful is for 012345678 9 and a code for similar word containing the same alphabets
14) 3 hours for 120 miles then 315 miles? 7 7/8
15)Rope of length 35m is cut in to two parts. One is 2/5 of the original length what is longest ropes length.
16)What is the max no. If the sum of two consecutive digits is 55?
17)Find the missing number : 0, 6, 29, 63,124?
18)Find the missing number: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12?
19)Chennai, punjab, nagpur, calcutta, mumbai (odd man out)
20)North, south, here, then, there(odd man out)
21)When is for where, time is for space
22)What is essential for man to survive? (food)
23)What is the first letter of the direction that is to the left of direction in which sun rises?
24)One word is given a code and asked to write 4.58 (a/nk)
25)Success is to failure as Joy is to______
26)Which word means Jolly? Gay, Pretty, Wise, Foolish, Beautiful
27)Opposite of ESSENTIAL is? fundamental, Unnecessary, Immediate, Necessary, Inconsistent.
28) KELVINATOR…..(Question based on assigning no. to each letter.)
29)Odd man out….. a) then b) here c) above d) below e) there
30) MARYTIME………..(Question based on assigning no. to each letter.)
31) RAW-reap, cut, silken, rich
32) Past to think, Future is to____ recall, strive, anticipate,
33) ACEFHIJ…..Z, what is the 11th letter?

GODREJ Placement Papers


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