Company: HCL Technologies

Hi friends.
It’s an off-campus interview my sincere thanks to freshers, world and to all my friends who constantly motivated me.


My first online test so i was a bit tensed better try some mock online aptitude tests, it will really help you.

It consisted of two rounds:

* Written
* GD
NOTE: kindly NOTE YOUR AMCAT-ID in a rough sheet’s will be provided sheets for your rough work.

* No negative marking, no sectional cutoff too we were told so but better clarify before you start the test. LEARN TO MANAGE YOUR TIME.
* totally 99 questions-2 hours time. only after answering one question you can go to the next one. can’t skip’s cant re correct your previous answer once you move to the next question. no back option.
* An instruction screen will appear at the beginning of each section. the timer will start the count down even before you enter the first question. so be fast enough to read the instructions. STUDY THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE COMPUTER SKILLS SECTION VERY CAREFULLY.
* separate timer for each section…even if u save time in one section, you cant utilize it for the next section.
* U will surely get sometime to relax in the computer section…refresh yourself by doing a bit of meditation or breathing exercise during that time because the duration of the test is too long.


a) verbal section:

synonyms, antonyms (tip to crack: the italicized word and the right option more or less matched in the tense forms), prose comprehension(2)-prose was very simple word replacement etc

b) Quantitative aptitude:

(DON’T HESITATE TO CHOOSE “none of these” as your answer. I answered 3 questions as “none of these” )questions from probability, HCF,LCM,(sums were like the HCF and LCM were given and we are asked to find the two numbers), permutation and combinations, logarithms, time and work (one question)-

R.S.AGGARWAL “quantitative aptitude” is more than enough to score full marks…but I missed something in this section. i dint answer 3 questions.

c) Computer skills:

it was the simplest of all…despite being an non-IT student i was able to do better… FOR HEAVEN SAKE KINDLY BRUSH UP YOUR BASICS OF DATA STRUCTURES esp. SORTING…..i dint do it..just go thro the advantages and disadvantages of each type.. other questions were from OOPS concept. too simple and from basics of C (function calling) have a deep understanding of the functions concept. there were questions like the purpose of a program was given and the condition to be mentioned in the loop was asked choose from the options given simple don’t leave any question unanswered in this’ll surely be left with more time for this try to score more in this section.

d) logical reasoning:

Seating arrangement(4 questions)…really sorry i don’t remember much about the questions in this section bt it was too simple. it was the easiest of all. NO PROBLEMS RELATED TO FIGURES for sure.

R.S.Aggarwal “verbal and non-verbal” is sufficient nearly 1150 STUDENTS appeared for the online test. 350 cleared aptitude..glad that i cleared it…for your info this is my 3rd interview and i cleared written for the first time.Thank jesus they came with open numbers.


We were informed that we will have technical and HR combined together on jan4,2011. 4 days gap in between written and the next i brushed up all my core subjects and programming fundamentals. but to our surprise they informed half an hour before the arrival of the HCL panel that they have planned for a GD after the pre-placement talk.

however in the pre-placement talk they told us only about the payscale and about the training period. my friends got topics for GD like: throw ball, cricket boon or bane, comparison between education systems in India and abroad, evolution of technology, cell phones boon or bane. Etc


when you are asked to choose a topic of your own.. do not choose topics like “love or arranged marriage-which is best?” my friends did that mistake. out of my friends one spoke for love marriage and another for arranged…but both were not selected though both are good in their communication skills…avoid such topics. you may not be able to predict the HR’s view on such topics.

HR Round:

My HR was really a lovely, cool person..he asked us to share some points about HCL i spoke very less at first because many constantly flooded with points after 2 min i woke up saying “I’ll loose HCL if i dont speak now” because in pre-placement talk they emphasized that they will be checking our attitude and communication skills. then he asked our objectives. please don’t give replies like “i want to become the CEO of HCL” give your true, relevant goals to the level of a fresher stress that you are glad to begin your career at hcl.
my GD topic was:” whether ethical values or technical skills are essential for a successful career?” i argued both are essential…I got a number of cross questions from my HR However i was successful in proving my point.finally I’m placed in HCL.185 are placed out of 340.

only one thing i would like to share with u all. almost all my friends were placed in cts and in accenture.I dint even clear written in both. your mental strength in overcoming such situations matter much as vivekanada said” take the entire responsibility of losing or winning on your shoulders” nothing will bother you then. leave the rest to god.. do not believe in luck my best wishes for you.

Exam/Interview Date: 30, December 2010.
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test, HR round
Contributor Name: Anjali