Company: HCL Technologies

Hi wanted to share the interview experiance with HCL. first v had
aptitude test
1) General apti test
2) Technical paper( asked in computer networks, unix and c)
and a harware technical paper for those who are interested in that. i wrote only
for software test..
Those who r shortlisted in aptitude test are called for the interview on the next
We had two rounds of Interview 1) Technical 2)H.R
only one interviewer in the panel..i m an ECE student and my area of interest in
microprocessor 8085. so following questions are asked for me..
1) Introduce yourself
2)Tell me about your projects done so far
3)What s a pointer and write a program to print the address of that variable.
4)How to access a pointer using structure and write a program using that
5)What s the difference between structure and union
6)Write a program using union
7)What are the advantages of pointer
8)Whats a static variable
9)What s a micro controller and the difference between microprocessor and
10)Tell me the major advantages of microcontroller compared to microprocessor
HR Interview: female HR came to our panel.. she asked the questions so fastly
and didnt wait to answer the questions fully. .I didnt expect that she ll ask
technical questions in HR interview.. so BE READY FOR ANYTHING
She gave a c program and asked the output, then asked whats a pointer
1)What s ur aspiration? 2) Why HCL and wat do u know about HCL? 3) About
family background…
Then within 30 minutes they announced the result.. I m selected in HCL finally..
HCL Paper
We wer called by the hcl technologies for recuritment in their office only.
The written papre consisted of 2 sections 1-apptitude 2-branch specific.
Apti paper was damn easy.thr wer 60 questions to b done in 55
special practice reqired 4 ths.
Kep ur eyes open mind alert and chck on the time.thts it
Some of the questions wer:-
1 if a+b means a is son of b and a-b means a is daughter of b and a*b
means a is wife of b thn
p+q-r*t.wat is the relation between p&t?
2 english Rc.very easy one.4 passeges having 10 questions.
3 flow chart questions.thr wer 6 questions on flow chart.
4 pie chart question.Tht is the di section.u dnt even need to use ur pencil
4 solvin it
5 some technical questions like how s virtual memory implemnted-
demand paging
1) question was on article whose option wer a,a & a,the &the,a & the,the.the
answer was the,the
two meaning question wer thr whose answer wer mass killing and formal
Analogy question wer thr like:-
(analogy:bmbkpfz) and 4 option wer given the relations 4 analogies wer quite
simple as u can see.
Number series wer given like 122433566412864278 and question wer asked
like hw many consecutive even number pairs
Are thr whose sum is a single digit ie >= 9;
All the question wer easy.jst keep the chk on the time
The second test was branch specific.each 4 computer, it and of vlsi 4 electronics
students if thy want to be
vlsi specialsts.
Mine was computer was a little bit tricky bt surely not difficult.
Thr wer 25 questions to b done in 20 minutes
Questions wer on c and c++ only.some of the questions i could recall wer
1-wat s the position of partition item in quick sort ansis statrtin(first)
The new malloc calloc allocate memory 4m heap
One question was on virtual base class in c++.type of error was asked bt thr was
no error
One question on 2d array.
Some questions on c was insertion sort
One on binary search tree
On question on the preorder sequencing of b 1st visit root thn visit left
subtree in preorder
Again u need to keep a chk on time here also.
Thn finally thr was HR round
Same questions wer asked 4m each student and those wer vry vry general.
The questions wer 1-tell about urself 2-about family 3-why hcl? 4-academics
trend i.e if ur % is decreasing thn why is it so
and if its increasing thn will u b able keep it like tht?
It dint last 4 mre thn 10 minutes.
Hi frnds SANKAR here from st.joseph’s coll of engg…..hcl came to our coll for
campus recrutmnt on 9th july. I like to thanks fresher world from were I got all the
information’s needed for me…..!
Hcl consists of 2 round
General aptitude. + Technical.
H.R round.
First to aptitude….
it seems hcl changes pattern for every coll…as they wish, For us it was a Online
test…..80 general questions 60 mins
Its very easy any student can crack it……it consisted of 4 sections
Each 15mins…..its not verbal n not quants its some thing different….!
Consisted of Data interpretation, match the correct grammar n match the correct.
Data interpretation was very easy it is not maths. Grammar its generally making
spelling, commas, corrections in the given test. Its generally Eye checking
test…..u will have to find small mistakes in it…..u will have to c every word n
sentence properly…..
Eg:- consultant, consultant, consultant etc….
Like this only it will b very easy…..
Match the correct…..
2 statements will b given u have to check weather both matches r not…..its too
very easy…..
Eg:- [email protected]
[email protected].
Any one with good eye sight can crack this easily….only one is every thing would
look similar u identify the wrong one….!
About Online test first thing is tat u have to ans the question tat comes on the
screen if u skip it u cannot b able to go back n review the questns once answered
is answered u cannot change it when u go from that page….n in 4 sections they
will a lot 15mins for 20 questns…do as much fast as u can……
Its fully “C”
It’s the toughest part in the test….
Any one with good basic knowledge can crack it…..
Be through in all the concepts….espl
You would have to correct the error in the given code… What will u do to
correct this linking error…runtime error…etc. So well prepare in c concepts…..!!
In my college, 350+ wrote the exam n 148 cleared it…..! They announced the
result 3hrs later….at 6.30pm.
Next the H.R round:
This is a rejection round u shod b very careful in attending this for me my H.R
was so sweet…….
So I was able to speak properly they generally check ur communication skills n
confidence the way u behave they could judge u frm the way u sit b4 them……!!!
So don’t be arrogant don’t argue with him don’t contradict Wat they say…
polite tats enough.
I attended the interview at 9.30pm they announced the result 2 days l8r
only…..only 45 were selected out of 148.
Thank god, I am one among them…! Pray to god he will help you…..!
Hi guys ,i would like to share something about HCL placement procedure ,in
which i got placed. there is online test which is of 55 min
the online test consists of
a total 60 general aptitude questions and 25 questions on technical for only
computer science and an optional 10 questions on c for all non IT optional in the
sence there is no compulsion in atteding the c questions there are any how not to
be counted but if attempted some plus point in interview
only personel hr round
numerical questions 10
ex :which is greater in 4*21⁄2,3+51⁄4,
arthmetical reasoning 10 questions
flow charts 10
computer algorithms 10
english 15 questions
for non IT guys 70 questions in 55min ,for cse or IT 85 questions in 70 min
for every section there is cut off so u should maintain time to attempt atleast 4
questions right from each section ,the question paper is medium if u do r.s
aggarwal u can have idea to do well , there are 2 to 3 questions in english
alphabet coding that is like if abcde is bcdef what will ijklmn represent like this
questions ,and flow charts, that is one flow chrt is given and below 5 question s
are given according to flow chart u have calculate ome values and nswer
questions,and also pie chart questions also given better to stuy r.s aggarwal or
gre barrons,and in english passages 2to 3 passages, correction of
sentences ,filling the suitable articles ie., a,the,an
what all u should see is u go on answering the questiong suppose if know 1st
question try to solve and answer don’t know guss and attempt any fluke ,dont
think again u wiill not have time to come to ist question.any how no negative
ok i have done well and cleared written and attended the interview which is very
formal like they asked tell about details percentage,family background and with
god’s grace and luck i have selected in HCL be confident in interview try to
answer questions with smiling face
Hcl had visited in our campus at 5th sep 2007 so they had given the following
Question pattern
It consist of 2 part.
In first part they had given 60 Aptitude ques and time duration for that was 45
In the second section it was fully Technical part, in that part 20 ques consist 4m
C Apit only and the time duration for that was 15 min
NO Negative marking for any part .
In the first part consist of 4 section, every section had 15 ques
First section-Analogy-5,G.P series- 2,(+,-*,/) 4 ques on this basis it was some wat
difficult e.g -2*3+4-5=14 and 4 option for that (i)+,- (ii)+,/ (iii)*,/ (iv)/,+
And the last 4 question which one is similar for that series
e.g- 64,125,216,343
Second section-complete series-5 they had given 5 number in between that one
blank so we have to identified wat is that number e.g – 12, 16,_, 20, 22 it was not
so easy, and 5 ,and coding-decoding- 5 ques it was easy,one puzzle of sitting
arrangement it was easy in that 6 person sat in a row in the face of east side in
that it had given 4 information on basis of that we have to sat.
Third section- alphabet-5 ques,e.g what is the same alphabet on that word
Confidence,1 data-Interpetion ,it was bar-graph on the basis of they had given 5
ques it was also easy,and last 5 ques I didn’t remember.
Fourth Section- it was fully English section, in that first 5 ques from grammar
mistake,they had given 4 similar type of sentence and u have to find correct
sentence,3 ques from antonyms and 4 ques 4m synonyms and last 3 ques was
fill up we had to fill correct form of verb in that sentence
That’s all for the first part
Second part
It was 20 ques of c-apti and time duration was 15 min so in that section they had
asked basic ques of c, so clear through basic concepts that sufficient , I hadn’t
remember the ques but some ques was easy and some what was difficult………
Totally 307 student had sat for written and 119 got qualified written,out of 119
student 52 student are finally selected I was also lucky that my name was also in
In interview it was fully HR ROUND
The ques asked 4m me was
i)Tell me abt urself?
ii)They had asked how you had joined this coll?
iii)Asked abt my native what is famous in ur native?
iv)My subject of intrest was oops so they had asked wat is oops with real time
v) They had asked data encapsulation of real time example?
vi)Do u have any relocation problem?
vii)Service bond for one and half year?
viii)Will you go for higher studies?
so mainly they had checked ur communication skill and confidence this is very
important so be confident at the time….
Then defentely u will selected………….