Company: HP Hewlett Packard

I am very pleased to say that i got into HP.

The written test was quiet easy. There were 4 sections each containing 12 questions and duration 1 hr.

1st—–General Knowledge
1.who is chief of Dell computers(Michael Dell)
2.which is low cost common man’s PC (Simputer)
3.In 2002, HP acquired a company (Compaq) and so on.

2nd——-Computer Fundamentals
Questions on Operating systems, Computer N/ws.

if u r thorough with ‘Test ur C skills by yeshavant
kanetkar’ u can easily answer.


the question paper is varied for each test.
After the test there r 2 rounds of technical interview.
Then HR interview.

I am very thankful to this group for all the information & inspiration provided by this group.

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