Company: IBM India Pvt Limited

I have selected in IBM conducted on 4 & 5 feb, 2006. Thanks to all who helps me. After 13 unsuccessful try I got my dream job.
Its my 1st aptitude clear. Don’t worry, keep patience. U will definetely get success. What I faced in interview & apptitude given
here for assitance who don’t get the job till now.
International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is an information technology (IT) company. The Company’s major operations
comprise a Global Services segment, a Systems and Technology Group, a Personal Systems Group, a Software segment, a
Global Financing segment and an Enterprise Investments segment. The majority of the company’s enterprise business, which
excludes the company’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) technology business, occurs in industries that are broadly
grouped into six sectors: financial services, public, industrial, distribution, communications, and small and medium
business (mainly companies with less than 1,000 employees). In December 2004, the Company acquired Danish companies
Maersk Data and DMdata. In January 2005, IBM acquired SRD, a provider of identity resolution software.
Keywords: Group work, team work, adaptability, . . .
Official IBM advice:
Preparation for the interview is imperative:
* Find out as much information as you can about IBM and the business units you might be interested in.
* Prepare questions that you would like to ask the interviewer about career opportunities in IBM.
* Role play an interview session with a friend.
* Understand your own strengths and weaknesses and what you might be able to bring to IBM.
* Run through commonly asked questions. Prepare for subjective questions that only you can answer eg. What are your career
* Prepare a suitable outfit for the day which presents you well.
* Find out where the interview will be held, the time, place, the interviewer’s name and their position in the organisation. Ensure
you are punctual.
At the interview:
* Appear confident even if you are not feeling it.
* Don’t worry if you need a moment to think through your answer. Most interviewers will understand if you need a little time to
collect your thoughts.
* Interviewers are looking to evaluate certain qualities, so try to give specific answers with examples if possible.
* Be honest in your answers. The Interviewer is trying to place you in a role that will develop your potential.
Common questions include:
* Over the next 3-5 years, what sort of role do you see yourself in?
* What are your most significant achievements to date?
* Where do you see your strengths on the technical and personal fronts?
* How could you add value to IBM if you got this job?
* Why would you want to join IBM?
* Could you relate an incident when you were had a difference of opinion with a colleague and tell me how you resolved it?
4th & 5th feb, 2006 IBM Global Software India Private Ltd. pull campus questions in Saltlake.
No. of Ques. — 40
Total marks — 40
Time limit — 40 minutes
no -ve marks
Female candidates get extra preference, they have lower cut off
Comprehension — 5 ques (5 marks)
Quantitative — 20 ques (20 marks)
easiest ques from Agarwal
time & work
hight & dist.
data sufficiency(4)
Prob) is the no a perfect square, if R is integer?
1) R+1 is a square
2) no is divisible by 16
ques on cube(7)
venn prob
if 3 hundred 33 is 333 then 120 hundred 12 is ?
Technical — 15 ques (15 marks)
prob on C, SQL, DBMS, …(some ques from Test your C skills)
ques are easy but difficult to answer for ECE student.
some questions had wrong ans, but don’t confused.
duration 10 — 40 minutes
common HR ques.
what is linked list?
how many loops are there?
what is the difference bet do loop & do while loop?
how many bits make a byte?
what is binary division?
oop concept
what is polimorphism & inheritance property?
how to define structure?
what is macro & its advantage?
how many bytes take char?
how string is stored in array?
ques on project
some ques on networking: they showed a wire & asked what is this &
write a prog to print -ve to +ve integer/ content of array/
fibonaccy series etc.
(Paper Submitted By : Rakesh Kumar Chowdhury, Future Institute of Engg & Management, Kolkata)