Company: IBM India Pvt Limited

hi Frnds,
i wud like to share my success and my experiences of getting into IBM. I had my test on 22 July in Warangal
But the thing is in English Section
The next one will be the Apti Sectionur
the next part other than apti Data Sufficiency
the next one is the Reasoning part
the most common types are:
1. if +is-,-is/ ,/is *so practise the models in a faster approach. u cud refer cat material or rs agarwal for thisone.
2. the next one is if 1is a and 0 is b and he would give some questions on it .so do practise finding out binary
equivalents and binary to decimal conversions.
3. the cubes problems do practise as much as u can .if possible start with the basic types.this one wud be the time
consuming,it has to be practised.
4. the next one is there shall be some conditions given for the selection process, or any other and there will be
questions based on it.prepare it from verbal reaoning (RS agarwal puzzle test.)complete all the 9. So u cud get the
basic approach how to solve the Q’s in a faster manner.This one is also a time consuming one.
After solving some Q’s of it i had 15 Q’s left and 15 min left, so, I had to shift to the technical part to gain my time.
The Technical Part
Do see that at last u fill all the Q’s as there is no negative marking.i donot remember my written test Questions
exactly so, im writing this way .this was the exact way the paper looked like and that was my approach which made me
to score around 50+(out of 55) which i cud see on my paper at the time of HR.
As the written test in IBM is an easy one and mostly around 40-50% wud be selected for technical, the
technical inerview is the main screening round for IBM.
In the Tech Intrvwur
As I belong to computers, and as I specified my favourites as OS, C&DS, my entire intrvw was on different concepts
of OS. Every question wud be linked with the type of answer we give for the previous one. There my panel was one-
one and she concentrated entirely on OS. Then she shifted to some basic concepts of C,DS and pointers.she asked
me around 5-6 programs and asked me to discuss abt the first one was based on linked lists, I tried it but
could not get it, then she asked me some other pgms on pointers, strings, stacks, queus, which i was able to explain
them in detail. She asked me some concepts of trees,asked me to explain operations on binary search trees with
examples. I explained them in detail with full confidence which did matter in my success to get on to the next
round.the tech intrvw was about 30-40 minutes for every one. some of my frnds had two-one panels and they made
stress intrvs and tested the patience.some panels concentrated entirely on dbms, sql queries and concepts of java, so
for IT members they should have sound knowledge in concepts of OS, java, C&DS, dbms, sql queries, unix (if given in
resume).they shall entirely concentrate on the subjects specified in the resume. So do place the subjects which u r
perfect. Do prepare some questions to ask the interviewer which wud add ur
The next round which is HR ur
my Hr was a short one around 10-15 min. he asked me question on integration, diff b/w definite and indefinite
integrals. He asked me a question like how many bytes make a Kb and asked me to convince that it was 1024 but not
1000.whichI did.
Then he asked me some qustions on data structures,diff sortings and searching techniques.he asked me abt deadlock
and tried to distract my concentration by making sounds.we have to keep our concentration and answer the question
without any hesitation which i did. Then he asked me my personal details.he asked me that what i learned from my
father.this was all abt my HR
So frnds, this was all about my interview for IBM.hope this wud be helpful to you..
I am very thankful to the group which constantly gave me the materials which did matter in my, bye
frnds and i hope u all land in your dream companies.
(Paper Submitted By : Deep)