Company: IBM India Pvt Limited

IBM came here at MKU, Madurai on 26th May’06.
Selection process consisted of a written test, a
technical interview and an HR interview.
Written Test was of 4 sections consisting of 55
questions in 1 hr (Test was coducted by meri-trac). No
negative marking.
Section 1(Verbal Ability): consisted of 10 questions.
5 questions were fill in the blanks. They were quite
easy n were mainly based on prepositions n use of
I got _______ in traffic and so got late (stuck /
stuck up)
Mr. Banerjee was questioned __________ (for / with /
to) his connection regarding the murder case.
__ Apple, ____ Bananna,___Egg
what is the meaning of therapeutically ?
And more
There was a passage, a technical one (explaining Bank
ATM’s working), followed by 5 questions which were
Section 2(Apti): Consisted of 25 questions.
Some questions were on Venn Diagrams (easy ones)
In a party 10 ate fruits, 15 ate cereals and 8 both.
What is the number of people who ate at least one?
In a college students can play cricket or basketball.
500 play cricket. 220 played both and 600 played
basketball. What is the total strength of college?
In a school 10 can play cricket but only 5 can play
both cricket and foot ball 8 can play only football .
what is the number of students.
Some were on data sufficiency. They were also quite
easy ones.
Question on cube: there is 3 cube of each placed side
by side. Each cube is subdivided into 64 parts each.
16 cubes from the top layer of 2nd cube was taken out
and 32 cubes from the top 2 layers of 3rd cube. Then
the whole object was painted.
Qs 1)what is the no. of cubes painted in 1 side alone?
2)what is the no.of cubes painted on 3 sides?
3)what is the no. of cubes painted on all 4 sides?
Sum questions were on the following pattern: In a
binary system 1 is written as $ and 0 is written as *.
In this system as 1 moves to the left the value of the
number doubles itself.(Clearly this was the problem of
binary conversions. You just needed to put $ n *s in
place of 1s n 0s after doing proper
conversions).Questions were how would nos like 65,252
would be written in the given system.(Just convert
them to binary) and what is the LCM of 6,4,8?
Section 3(Attention to detail):10 questions
Very easy section.
Questions were as to which of the following sets of
alphabets, numbers, roman numerals were similar. They
were quite easy to pick out the correct ans
I & II r same
I & II r same
All r same
None r same.
Same model for numbers and alphabets.
Other set of questions were: If + is replaced by *, –
is replaced by /, * is replaced by +, / is replaced by
* then calculate 2/65*3+65-23 and so on. (Just hold on
patiently and calculate to check which of the given
options is correct)
A set of questions were based as: There were
conditions given as to how a marketing executive would
be selected and in the following questions individuals
with their qualifications were given. Based on the
previous conditions given u have to decide whether
each one can qualify or not. (Easy set again) Refer
Verbal Reasoning of RS Agarwal
Section 4(Technical): 10 ques
Sum questions on C,database, unix etc
O/p of printf(“%d”,printf(“sum”));
Question on cardinality relationship in a ER
Question on relationship in Hierarchical database
files can be accessed by_________ (library funs, sys
calls, both, none)
Unix is _______(Mutiuser & Multitasking)
Files in Bourne shell can be checked by( test –f,
if(file), switch(file)
what is the time complexity of quick sort.
Interview (HR & Technical):
Many of my friends had only one interview having both
HR n technical. So be ready for that. Interview was
quite cool having general ques abt urself, strengths,
value addition to the company, why going into
software, why IBM? Followed by sum basic questions on
C n database. Also be ready for questions on ur core
subjects. Then questions like: hv u faced challenges
in ur life n hw u overcame them n hw will u accomplish
a project in a group.
Write the Algorthim to find number of square in a
given figure. One question on GPS car navigation. How
to move randomly to a record in a given file. Tell me
what u know abt data structures. Explain all the
concepts of OOP with u as an Object.
They wuld really appreciate that. If u can pick up
points from their ppt it could leave a very gud
impression. Be ready for sum grilling on hobbies too.
Lastly be cool, be confident to leave a gud