Company: IBM India Pvt Limited

1.what is the digit in the unit place of pow(7,625).
ans: 7

2.find the no. of revolution ,when a coin rounds along the perimeter of another similar coin?

3.a data interpretation regarding population during a period(bar chart).
five qs (each 1 marks).

4. if ibm04india is codded in this way….
step1:9 2 13 00 04 9 14 4 9 1
step2:79 72 713 00 04 89 814 84 89 81
step5: some simple code (forgotten)
then find the code of always03
a). in step 2.
b). in the last but one.
c). in the last step.
d). this type of coding is difficult to implement be cause of………
ans: over flow.

5. if a clock is 5% faster than a right clock .then what % slower than the faster clock?

6.if x cows and y goats give some milk in 5 days.and a cows and b goats give same amt of milk in 3 days.then who give more
milk…..(x,y,a,b are int.forgotten).

7.a ratio proportion problem.8.if a person moves 25 miles in the south.then he moves perpendiculam
ly to wards west 25 miles.then he has to go 25 miles to reach the ultimate which direction,his dest is situated?
ans: cant be determined?

9. less than 500 of them are there. Among those 1/3rd know only french 1/4th knows only english, 1/7 knows only german, Then
find out how many are there totally?

10.A probability problem: find the probability of coinciding the day of birth of three person out of 9 person?
11.Two same length train are moving with speed 24 kmph and 18 kmph towards each other.if they crosses each other
in 18 sec .then find the length of the train?

12. If a pipe can fill a tank in 2 hrs.and can empty it in 3 hrs.if they r open at the same time ,then find the time
taken to fill the tank?
ans:6 hrs.
There r 20 qs.all r frm c and os. all r lengthy.
give the statement and code..and ask 4 the output of the program.and the error of the code?

1. nice command is used for…….?
ans: this is used for change the priority.

2. which is not is not overloaded?

3.ARP is used for……….. frm MAC adreeses to IP add. frm IP addresses to MAC add.
3. to store the ip addresses.

4. declare the function ptr which return int and a function which return int pointer?
ans: int (*f)(),int* f();

what does the following statement mean?
int (*a)[4]
(a)’a’ is a pointer to an array of 4 integers
(b)’a’ is an array of pointers to integer
(c)’a’ is a pointer to function returning an integer

8. find the error of a program regarding operator overloading.
ans: compilation error at line 5.

class xx{
int getseg();
int segDet;
this class may create problem because: reasons are..
ans:be cause getseg() is private.
8.a qs frm demand paging………..
max c and os qs .

two to one ratio.two student.
1qs: plz give itroduction..specially academic information.
(if ne yr gap .give the reason.)
2qs: tchnical qs:
ur preferable subject(not language)
i structure and dbms.

1.sorting.bubble,insertion,selection,quick sort and merge sort. all algo and xplanation with xample.time complexity.

2.searching….binary search.xplanation with xample.time complexity.

3.stack,queue,link list(specially circular link list and its application.)

then DBMS:
1. wht is relational dbms.
2 p key.f key. with xample.
3.and locking protocol and its usage and utility.
4.wht is erow dbms(i dont und properly its pronanciation)?
5.what is security and consistency?
6. shared variable?
7.relational algebra and sql.
specialy c..
2. structure.
3. array.
4. write a program in c…check wheather a string contains a char
‘z’.replace it by ‘y’.
do u know c++?
yes sir.ok
1. where u want to spent ur holiday time?
2.whts ur hobby?