Infosys Placement Paper

Company: Infosys Technologies Ltd


Infosys pattern
there were 2 sections
1.English (40 question 35 min)
2.verbal (30 question 40 min)

we were told to be reported at 8:30 in the morning nd at about 9:30 infy representator sudhir mishra gave us a ppt about infosys. The presentation was really good nd everyone was impressed by the ppt. he told us that the pay was Rs.3 lacs per annum
frm 2008 batch. He showed us movie of mysore infy campus. we were then sended to exam halls. they gave us a form fill upon: we have to fill all the details in it including references inside infy and ur total marks in 10th,12th and degree,etc
then they first gave us english question paper it contained
1-5. big passage
6-10 small passage
11-20 pick correct sentence among four choices
20-30 correction of sentences withe the help of choices given below
30 -40 fill in the blanks with appropriate senteces given below(remember there were not words they gave sentences)

I started withe correction of sentences as passages take time nd den wid fill in the blanks den pick correct sentence den small and den big passage
The passage was really easy becoz i didnt read the passage first becoz there were too big, i first read the passage questions noted the key words and den spotted answers using the keywords. it saved me a lot of time becoz u dont need read the passage may be easy for people writing GRE or CAT

2. verbal
1. puzzle
2.analogy in non verbal
3 data sufficiency
4 data interpretation
5 again puzzle
6 syllogism,venn diagram method

the first puzzle was something like this there are some 6 notes of rythms E,F,G,H,I,J,K and they were arranged from lower to higher(this means that higher notes come last reamember this many of us went wrong here itself)and some conditions are give like this
J lower then k
H is highest note
E was higher den F
I some where between E and F
and dey gave some condt abt G also i dont remember it preperly if u take this data if u will get position of only H and u will be knowing only dat E and F will not come together and I lies somewhere between dem it means that there may be another noteses between E and F. the questions were

1. which of the following may be definitely not true?? a. G is in 2 place b
b. I takes 2 nd place
3 I takes 3rd place nd someother thing
2 Assume j takes 3rd place den what of this may be false?
3.If J takes third place den………………………..

next analogy
this time I got anology in non verbal, it also may be find the missing figure in sequence, odd one out of the figures,wht comes next etc
data sufficeiency
here we cant expect wht we may get
data interpretaion
i was given a table about some american doller currency in other countries and questin about that
again puzzle
some 6 cricketes a,b,c,d,e,f and there favourite bookies name some s.gupta, s chawla,…………….and there were good at personality development,.. etc and some condt
s gupta was designer and he is not favoutite of e and f……….
chawla was neither a……….. not ………………and……………

question who were what
who is favourite of whom etc
little bit tought not so wasy
next syllogism
easy if u practice r.s.agarwal logical reasoning just read those 9 rules and try to analyse incase of venn diagram method practice dem

we were 720 and about 75 were selected from written and only 18 got thru

Infosys Placement Paper

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