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1. A mathematician was 70 in the year 500 and he was 80 in the year 490.find the year in which he was born ans :570 b.c

2. There are 100 pieces of zigzags(don t bother of zig zag) which can be combined two at a time discretely or with a unit of some zigzag. How many such combination are necessary to make a single whole unit. ans :99 (Similar to the problem that says: 10 players playng mathes one lose will make them out of tournament)

3. a.) there is a cube which is painted out side ,which is then divided into 125 cubes of equal size.Find the number of cubes which are having color at the 3 faces ,number of cubes having color at 2 faces and also at the one face,also cubes having no color

ans:(3 faces=8

2 faces=36, 1 faces=54 ,no colr=27 )

3.b) if these cubes r placed in the tray and shuffelled then brougt into stationary state the find the probality that the red face is pointing above

ans: 1/5 or 0.2.
4.) There are 729 balls of equal size and shape out of which one is heavier than rest all. Find the minimum number of weighing that are required to find out that faulty ball

ans (12).
5.) In an iceland there are 3 kinds of persons Sarrorian: one who speaks both the sentence truth another fellow meditorian: who speaks one truth sentence and one false sentence.the lask kind of person is nerrorian :who speakes both the sentence the sentence false. Balachandra meets each one of them and comes with the following sentence from them and from these sentence Balachandra is able to tell who is Sarrorian, Meditorian, narrorian

Gowda : I am sarrorian

: Satish is Narrorian

putta: I am Sarrorian

: Santosh is Meditorian
betta:I am Sarrorian

: Gowda is Meditorian
ANS: betta: Sarrorian

Gowda : Meditorian

putta : Narrorian
6. A frog is in the well of 30 meters depth. It wants to come out of it .It covers 3 meters during day and slips by 2 meters during night. How many days it requires to come out of it

ans ( Total of 28 days and 27 nightg so 27 days it needs).
7. In a race dennis beats Jim. Jack is not the last. andrew loses toboth Lucia n jack in that order. Jim beats Jack. Who won the race?

8. There is a cube painted red, that is divided in 27 smaller cubes of equal dimensions… tell the number of smaller cubes which are-

a)painted on 0 side

b)painted on 1 side

c)painted on 2 sides

d)painted on 3 sides




9. there are 2 towers of height 200 ft and 150 ft. The distance between the towers is 250ft. 2 birds flying with same speed and same time from the top of the 2 towers 2 touch a food grain at the bottom at the same time. find the distance of the food grain 4m the first tower.

Ans: 90 feet from the first tower.

10. A person gets his old book binded. but he finds that the page numbers are cut off. so he starts numbering the pages. During the process he find that 3 is encountered 61 times. Can you tell, how many pages were there in book?

Ans. 300 pages

11. Four girls Robin, Mandy, Stacy, Erica of four families Miller, Jacob, Flure, and Clark prepare four salads using the fruits Apples, cherries, bananas, grapes. Each girls uses 3 fruits in her salad. No body have the same combination.

1 )Robin not a Miller girl uses apples.

2) Miller and Mandy uses apples and cherries.

3) Clark uses cherries and grapes but Flure uses only one of them.

4)Erica is not Clark nor Flure.

1. Which is robins family:

a. Miller

b. Jacob


d. Clark
2. Which fruit is not used by Mandy?

a. Cherries

b. Grapes

c. Apples




12. A boy goes to school from his house. on one fourth oh his way to school, he crosses a machinery station. And on one third of his way to school, he crosses a Railway station. He crossed the machinery station at 7:30 and he crosses the Railway station at 7:35. When does he leave the house & when does he reach the school ?

Ans: 7:15 is leaving time and 8:15 is the reaching time

13. A boy travels sum part of distance on horse(say 3x/4) and walks the remaining distance of x/4. Time taken for riding and walking is same. calculate the ratio of speed while walking n riding.

Ans . 3:1

14. Similar to the Celsius-Fahrenheit scale, A different measurement scale was use in which System A measured 14 and System B 36. Another reading gave System A measured 84 and System B measured 138. At what temperature both System A and B have the same temperature?

Ans. 52.5