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Kean India placement papers | Kean India placement papers 2010 with answers | Kean India placement papers with solutions | Kean India MNC Company placement papers | Kean India Interview Questions:
1) Quantitative Aptitude—————————25 questions.
2) Verbal and comprehension———————25 questions.
3) Logical Reasoning and Computer Basics ——-10 Marks.

1) 3 cat can kill 3 rats in 3 minutes then how much time 50 cats will take to kill 100 rats?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

2) Three types of animals, cockroach, mice and crow are there in a room. There are totally 50 heads and 150 tails in the room. No of cockroach is twice than the no mice. What are the no mice in the room?
a) 5
b) 10
c) 15
d) none of these

Hint: no of leg of cockroach is 6, mice 4 and crow 2.

3) From a chess board three blocks are chosen at random. What is the probability that the three blocks are from same diagonal?

(Sorry I can’t remind options)

4) There are two bottles of alcohols, one is having 40% alcohol and other is having 19% alcohol. Some part from first bottle is replaced from 2nd bottle. Resultant mixture in first bottle is having 26% of alcohol. How much part from 1st bottle was replaced?
a) 1/5th
b) ¼th
c) 1/3rd
d) none

5) A and B can do a piece of work in 15 and 20 days respectively. They worked together for 6 days then B is replaced by C.The work was finished in next 4 days . In how many days C alone can do the work.

(Sorry I can’t remember options.)

6) Some problem related to train in which two different trains are starting from two different stations but not at same time. At what time they will meet in between?

7) Average tempt between Monday –Wednesday is 37 and average tempt between Tuesday-Thursday is 34. Monday’s tempt 4/5th of Thursday’s tempt. What is the tempt on Thursday.

(Sorry I can’t remember options.)

8) Inside a square a circle is inscribed. What is the ratio of areas of circle to that of square?


1. There are ten nos(0,1,…,9).with the help of these three number we have to make a number
n1n2n3 in such a way that n1< particular the make can we ways many>

2.there are 25 blocks in a bag numbered 1 to 25. what is the probability to take out the 2 blocks
from the beg in such a way the sum of two blocks should be same.

3.The maurti price increase by 30% and the sales is decreased by how much the company will get or loss and how much %.

4.two friends are there(A,B)and walk for a distance (X to Y) by 5kmph and 8 kmph.the distance b/w X and Y is 35km.both starts from Xat the same time .When B reachs at Y then come calculate the distance travelled by A whenhe/she will meet to B.

5.There are two cities SmallHydrabad and BidHydrabad.
a.the male population is 3244 less as compared to female population of bigHadrabad
b.he female population is 5436more as compared to male population of SmallHadrabad
c.the female population of small hydrabad is as much twice of male of bighydrabad.

now what is the toral pop.of 2 cities.

6. if X= a-b Y=a+b
____ , ____
ab-a2 ab-a2
now what would be the value of
7.A right angle cone having 12 cm as the height and 20cm as the perimeter of the base.
if there is charge for filling the mettal in that cone 4paise/cubic cm. now what would be
the total charge.

8.One uestion was also same based upon tripllodism.

English Session
1.5 ques were analogy
2.5 ques were synomoons.
3.2*5 ques of comparihansion
4.arrange the sentence in meaningful order.


Computer Session:
1.where The register store
a)in primary m/m.
b) in secondry m/m
c) in cpu
d) in HDD
e) none of these.

2.AVSEQ files support only
a) audio file

3.What is the decimal value of (d4b2)16

4. how much data can be send from a 7-bit bus.

5.What is the maximunm no of bit can be sent via a 8 bit register.


SECTION 1: Mathematical Ability & Aptitude
Questions on
* Number systems like–
How many numbers between 100 and 200 are odd, divisible by 3, but not by 7?
Also on lcm, hcf, etc.
*Time &work
*Areas and volumes, length of chord etc.

SECTION 2: Verbal and Comprehension
*Reading Comprehension
*sentence completion…
*Arranging sentences in correct order.
P: Alas! she had only 30 rupees with her.
Q: Bindu got late for the exam and she started in a hurry.
R: She called an auto and he demanded 50 rupees..
S: She blamed her hurry, as in hurry, she forgot to bring more money.
T: She went to the bus stop and there were no buses.
The following is the exact order of sentences:
e)none of these
Answer :b

SECTION 3: Computer Basics & Logical reasoning
Logical Reasoning like
P: All girls are Bindus.
Q: Some Bindus are boys.
R: All Bindus are boys.
S: Some boys are not girls.
T:All girls are boys.
U:All boys are girls.
The following sentences are logically related:
a) UTQ
b) PQS
c) TSP
d) RPS
e) QSP
Answer : b

Even GD round was different for testing and other courses.
In my case our batch consists of 21 members. Topic was
“Population In India-Pros and Cons-Steps to control”
Each member was called at random and he needs to talk on the topic for about 1 or 2 min. We need to talk only when our chance comes.
It’s not like general GD.
But for other courses it was like general GD only.
Other topics, which my friends faced, were:
“Youth role in Politics-Pros and Cons”,
“Impact of Globalization on Indian Economy”,
“Mobile Phones ad their Nuisance”,
“IT development in India”, etc.

Psychometric test: It’s not so important. About 10 questions were given with 2 choices. We need to tick one of them. The test reflects our personality.
For e.g.,
How do you sit while talking to others?
a) Lean forwards.
b) Sit backwards.
I heard that they would consider this only while selecting in final round if two persons have same scores.

Kean India placement papers

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