Company: L&T Infotech

Job Interview – Question Paper

There was a pooled Campusing drive conducted by l&t infotech at heritage inst of tech, kolkata on 14th & 15th feb,2011. As the GATE exam was on 13th Feb so
the campus process began only on 5 PM on 14th.overall,the entire process was very nicely conducted by the l&t infotech officials.

Once we got in a very rigorous background checking was done.take my word for it,out of 1000 & so students initially present abt 150-200 had to leave
simply bcoz they didn’t satisfy their eligibility criteria.even bringing college library card in place of college id card resulted in immediate disqualification. So strictly follow their directives given to you before going in. There will be no exceptions whatsoever. after all this we were given a brief talk about the company ,our roles, designation, pay scale etc if we got selected.

The Entire Process Consisted of 4 Rounds
* Written Test
* Group Discussion
* Technical Interview
* HR Interview.

Written Test

The Written Round Consisted of Three Parts-
1. English
2. Quantitative
3. Logical

Each having 30 Question With sectional cutoffs. go thru rs aggarwal ,it’s more than enough’s rust me, without practice u wouldn’t stand a chance specially with sectional cutoffs. There were diff sets of questions and u have to cover all the topics in rs aggarwal as questions were given from almost any part of the book. after this we had to go home. Those who had cleared the written were informed thru mobile & SMS on the same night. Total of 198 students cleared the written test.

Group Discussion

On the next morning we were given a ppt by the hr at about 9:30.after that we were divided into groups of 13 and we went for our GD.One thing about the GD, if You performed You were in, if not You were out. There was no hard and fast rule of selection or rejection. While in the hall keep your focus and be confident. Signs of nervousness can very easily give you away. Speak relevant points about the topic, don’t point your fingers, don’t shout, allow others to speak, be courteous.don’t ever get into a verbal fight. The entire group will be case there is a fight try to stop it. You will get u r rewards. My topic was whether so much money is good for cricket. I followed all of the above points and got selected. About 85 students cleared the GD. Even if you are not so strong in english improve your communication skills, that will get you there.

Technical Interview
Then we had to fill in the form and proceed for the Tech Interview. for some the tech interview lasted for 10 mins and for some it took more than an it’s purely luck.luckily mine lasted for some 15 mins.the interviewer was a nice middle aged person.he took my form studied it for a minute and then he asked abt my subjects of interest,my qualities.since i had given software engg as my first subject he asked some easy questions abt sdlc,testing etc.then he gave some puzzles which i tried my best to solve.he didn’t say whether i was right or wrong in the puzzles,i blv he was testing my confidence.always have some practical questions to ask to the plays a great role in ur final selection or rejection.i asked abt my job profile if i were to be selected.he answered it and seemed very satisfied with me.don’t ask silly questions like ur prospects of future studies in the one wud hire u to see u leave after 2 or 3 one who asked such questions was selected.after sometime the names were announced.i was amongst the 45 who cleared the tech interview.

HR Interview
the hr was very experienced in his field.he studied the form and asked me various questions abt my hobbies,qualities, current affairs etc.if u don’t know something acknowledge it.i too didn’t know some of the things he asked is as much a test of ur condidence as it of anything else.he asked abt my choice of posting.never give a specific’s a open to relocate too i asked him some questions and he was satisfied answering it.
after 2 or 3 hrs they announced the names of those who were finally selected.i was one amongst them!!

If u follow all of my advice there is no reason why u wouldn’t’t make it to any company not just l&t infotech. So friends life is full of opportunities and make sure u don’t miss them. Wish u a very bright and successful careers!!

No of Rounds: Screeing Test, Techincal Round-1, Group

Discussion – GD, Client/Manager Interview

Location: Kolkata