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L&T infotech Placement Paper

Company: L&T Infotech

This is Kavita from Siddartha institute. I m dong 4/4 B.Tech in INF. TECH. I attended L&T Infotech offcampus..

The selection procedure has 3 rounds..
1. Aptitude test
2. JAM (Just A Minute) or GD.
3. Technical cum HR Interview…

Aptitude test has 3 sections…
A. Aptitude(30 Q)
B. Reasoning(30 Q)
C. Verbal(30 Q)

Questions i remember..

1.blood relations (3-4 Q)
a….means brother,- means sister,* means mother,/ means father….
b…father age is 3 times age of son and 10 yrs hence father is 5 times sons age.find father a.d sons ages….

2.coding and decoding(4 Q)
a.te ka se means ravi is black, ta ka su means mohan is brown, su ka te means brown is black. which word represent black, brown..etc…
b.number coding….

3.series of figures(5 Q)

4.gave figures,,,we have to fing no. of straight lines and no of squares and triangles////(2 Q)

5.time and work(1 Q) 3 men can dig 3 trrenches in 5 days.how many r required to dig 5 trenches in 5 days(they work for 8 hours)…

6.direction travelling(1 Q) a man started at A.he went 10m west…then turned his left n went 6m…find his distance from starting pt.

7.bar chart(5 Q) they gave a company’s expenditure and income for 5 years in the form of a graph…..we need to find
a.high profit earned year
b.% growth in profit b/n 2 yrs
c.avg income nad expenditure for all the info. given.

8.they gave some 4-line paragraph and gave some statements and asked if they can be infrred form the paragraph.. (4 Q)

9.same as 9(4 Q)

10.puzzle test (2 Q)

11.statement-conclusions(3-5 Q)

12.verbal:: passage Questions (5 Q), synnonyms(4 Q), antonyms(4 Q),analogy(3 Q), fill in the blanks(4 Q), error correction (5 Q)…very easy

Among all the sections reasoning is easy (in most of the cases), then verbal and then aptitude,..

CAUTION: be careful at TIME mgmt. otherwise u will end in troubles… as the incvigilation in the hands of company memners, be careful while helping others and here is a point of much importance.. there r 3 sets PINK, YELLOW and some other one….

L&T infotech Placement Paper

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