Company: Mu Sigma


Aptitude Test : 30 Minutes
Quantitative : 0 Minutes
Reasoning / Analytical : 30 Minutes

Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:
There was only one section in the aptitude test which involved critical reasoning. This was a very different kind of aptitude paper compared to all the other aptitude papers I attempted. 18 questions, where you had to interpret the information correctly. Questions varied from probability to data interpretation. Lot of questions which seemed easy
at first but were concealed traps.

Name of the Topic / Task : Did swine flu become a pandemic?
Time Given : 25 Minutes

Details of the process and your contribution:

The discussion started off where most of the people tending to deviate from the topic which seemed to anger the panel members. I simply stuck to the topic and listed out the reasons why it created panic. I tried my best to keep it neutral towards the end when I concluded that it was inevitable for any such disease to be a pandemic and mostly
stressed the role of the media in spreading panic, and at the same time playing an important role in suppressing it at a later stage.


There was no technical questions asked through out the process.


It was mainly a stress interview. They ask you to introduce yourself and take them through your CV. They asked me what I understood of the company from the ppt. As I tried to explain to them what I understood of Mu sigma from the company they kept asking questions about my perception of the company and what was a a part in the
company that made me think that this is the company i need a job in.They asked questions like goal in life, where I saw myself after 5 years from now. Being an engineering student they asked me why I did not pursue a career in software or look for a tech job. No matter what you answer they kept trying to cross question.


I felt that the 20-25 minutes I sat with the panel was a test of how confidently I answered their questions. I tried to use whatever I had in my CV to impress them. No matter what I said, they always something to ask about it.


I suggest that you try to explain to them why you are going for a business analyst profile properly because they wanted to only pick people they thought could explain this to them properly. If you think you didn’t like engineering anymore and had more motivation towards a business profile, then just say it. I told this to them frankly and they
simply smiled at my response. Set your priorities straight before you you enter the interview room. They looked mainly for confident people.