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Hcl infosystems

HCL Infosystems placement Paper

Company: HCL Infosystems

1. Which feature of Visual Basic. NET enable you to create multiple methods that have identical names but different functionality?
Ans: Overloading

2. Which feature of Visual Studio. NET enables an organization to create interoperable applications that can be accessed over multiple computing platforms?
Ans: Integrated Development Environment

3. Every Java file is saved with the extension .java (eg. prog. java). When it is compiled, the same java file is converted to a .class file (prog. class) . What does a class file consists of?
a. ByteCode
b. Unicode
c. Asciicode
d. Only text

4. IF is one control statements in Java, What is the syntax of IF statement?
Ans: If (condition) statement;

5. There is a mechanism that binds together code and the data it manipulates. This mechanism keeps both code and data safe from outside interference and misuse of data. What is this mechanism called?
a. Polymorphism
b. Abstraction
c. Encapsulation
d. Inheritance

6. What is the functionality of Java Virtual Machine?

a. it saves a java program

b. it is an interpreter of a byte code.

c. it helps to convert a java file into a class file.

7. In the following line “public static void main (String args[ ])” What is the functionality of public keyword?

a. prevents a member from being used by code outside its class.

b. allows a member to be accessed by a code outside a class in which it is not declared.

c. allows a member to be accessed by a code only by its inherited classes.

d. the member of a class is public with in its own package.

8. Java supports dynamic programming, and has the policy of “write once and use many times”. Identify the functionalities supported by Java?

a. multiple inheritance & polymorphism

b. polymorphism & structured programming.

c. multiple inheritance & structured programming

d. inheritance, polymorphism & multithreading.

9. To allow users to set values on a scale by moving a pointer along a visual scale in Visual Basic. NET application and to use a control which allows users to avoid choosing a precise numerical value. Which one of the following Visual Basic. NET control should be used? The TrackBar control.

10. What is storage size of char datatype in vb .net?
Ans: 2 byte

11. Identify the option from the .NET Framework in which common services such as garbage collection and security, are automatically provided.
Ans: the common language runtime environment.

HCL Infosystems placement Paper

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The Company firmly believes that good corporate governance practices ensure efficient conduct of the affairs of the Company while upholding the core values of transparency, integrity, honesty and accountability and help the Company in its goal to maximize value for all its stakeholders. The Company adopts and adheres to the best recognized corporate governance practices and continuously strives to better them. The Company is in compliance with the requirements of the guidelines on corporate governance stipulated in Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement and The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 with the Stock Exchanges.visit offical website of HCL Infosystems for more details.

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