Tata Consultancy Services Placement Paper

Company: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

The pattern of tcs
Tcs came at doaba group of colleges on 14th aug’2010
It was a pool campus drive.
The pattern of tcs has completely changd. plz don’t follow the previous pattern .Don’t waste ur time by reading barrons.
there was no english in the paper. There were 35 ques.nd time was 60 minutes.It was an online test. Negative marking of 1/3 was dere.So plz don’t mak guesses.
Out of 35 , 27-28 questions were quant based nd rest 6-7 were puzzles.
Ques. were very lenghty…nd contained lot of irrelevant data. U have to xtract the relevant part. Once u do this ,u hav won 75% of the game as it generaly follows a very simple logic to get the answer..
Relevant data was mainly in the last lines of the ques.
So the key is ..start reading from last to see what is required nd den search out what relevant info. is given to solve dat.
When i discussed he ques. with my friends den i got to knw dat many of the ques. were same .they were just randomly numbered.

Here r some of the ques. i remember.
I am just giving u the relevant part of the ques.

1.)The cost of making robot is divided into cost of material..,cost of repairing nd cost of painting in the ratio of 5:2:3..the cost usd for material is 200.Find the total cost of making the robot.?
ans. 5x/10=200
so x=400

2.)find 5x-2y/ 2x-y ? givn x/y =4
ans. Divide whole eqn by y put the value of x/y nd get the ans.

3.)x^2 + y^2= 20. xy =30. find x-y?
ans. Apply (x-y)^2 formula nd put the values

4.) Similar type of ques. on the formula of x^3 + y^3.

5.)There are two bowls..1 containing tea nd 1 containing water..if 1 spoon of tea from 1st bowl is transeffered to 2nd bowl nd den the 1 spoon from dis new mixture is transferd back to the 1st den the 1st bowl wil contain:
a) more amount of tea in 1st than the amount of water in 2nd
rest options were also like dis . means they wantd to knw..the relativ amout.

6.)there are only bicycles nd 4-wheelers in the parking. if the total number of wheels are 240.
What can be the posibl number of cycles?
ans.)2x+ 4y= 240
see options ie the value of x from the options.then chk the value of y from eqn for each option. The value of x for which y is a intger wud b the

7.) 2 vry simple ques. on ages..like if 3 yrs back i was 2 times of my frinds age…..nd so nd so…if u knw the basic concept u wil b able to solve dat.

8.) A tank fills in the squence of 10, 20 ,40,80…. (means 10 litre in 1 hr, 20 litr i 2nd nd so).IF at the 4th hour the tank is 1/4 full..when will it be full?
ans.) x/4=80
dat means capacity of tank is 320 litres.
from the series we can see dat in 5th hr it’s 160 nd den in 6th hr it’s 320 so answer is 6

9.)two simple ques. on averages like if initialy the avg. wt. of 6 students is 40…1 student joins dem nd the avg. becoms 60…den what is the age of new student?

10.)In going up at the altitude of 1000km the speed is 20km/hr ,in comin back the speed is 30km/hr..den find the avg. speed?

11.)The color of the beer changes with distance.I go 1mile north den 1 mile east..spotted the beer..radio ribboned the beer nd den i movd 1mile south to come back .what’s the color:
ans.) i don’t knw the sol’n ..but plz try to find it out as it is the repeatd ques..i hav seen it in previous papers too.

12.)A speaks truth on mon. tues,. wed…B speaks lies on sat,sun…nd so nd so…don’t clearly remember dat but simple ques..practice 3-4 ques of dis type

13.) A series ques was also dere.
14.) ques. on blood relations like i hav no brothers nd sistrs. by looking at the photo i said that man in dis pic is…so nd so.

i attemted 19 ques. nd cleard the test so i gues cut off wud hav been around 15.
Then dere were 3 more rounds…technical intrview, managerial round nd hr round

I am from IT branch si In technical i was askd program of swpping without using third variable, extern keyword, libraries, static nd dynamic…types of testing …nd rest was mix of very general ques.like where hav u done training from,Be confident even if u r not sure…
My technical interview was simple…but some people hav been askd about 20 ques.
like semaphores,deadlocks , on networking,
output of increment nd decrement operators..logics of bubble nd quick sort…overloading, overriding, copy constructor, difficulties u facd in ur project nd how u solvd them.
Electronics students wud hav been askd bout ques. of their own field
So be thorough with the basic concepts..we didn’t get much time after our written to prepare for technical so b prepard for dat also..

Then there was MR round..It was the normal talk session…qustions like wat is important in team…how u deal wid ur friends…nd what is IT industry.
The interviewer was cool…he just wantd to see the communication part nd confidence

Then in HR round i was askd wid 3 ques.
1.) introduce urself apart from ur qualifications nd family background.?
means u can start from ur strengths nd den hobbies…ur goals nd so…

2.) what’s special in u dat tcs should take u?

3.)why u want to join tcs(reasons apart from it’s being among top 10 industries,brand name nd gud package)?

So FRIENDS, ALL the very best.Meet u in TCS.

Tata Consultancy Services Placement Paper

TCS Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern: 24th-January-2011

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Tata Consultancy Services is an Indian multinational information technology services and consulting company, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra and largest campus and workforce in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Founded: 1 April 1968
Headquarter: Mumbai
Founders: Faquir Chand Kohli, Tata Sons, J. R. D. Tata

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