Wipro Infotech
Wipro Infotech

Company: Wipro Infotech

Three sections: u have to clear each section separately 15-verbal,15-apti,20-technical time 50 minutes.

verbal type :word pair, analogy,fill in the blanks with appropriate words

Apti type:people,n chairs/chambers/parking etc all questions of this type and also a paragraph was given and the logical deduction was to be done.4 questions were common from barons

Tech type:gk of computers(no programming language questions) 4 options for each

Interview was in 2 stages , technical was mainly concentrated on data structure and C .. DBMS and CPP was also asked but stress was mainly upon the former , linux was asked too if it was mentioned in the CV it was grilling and easy for some (there were 7 panels) for the non -IT branch the interview was mainly on their project . HR was also an easy cake , we had to prepare for 2 questions:What u know abt wipro and ur strong points ,weak point,hobbies nothing else but the most surprising part was that they eliminated more than 50 % of the candidates in the HR only whereas in others HR eliminates only 5-10% … bye and best of luck

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