Sapient Placement Paper

Company: sapient

The test contained 3 questions:

1. design a class diagram or date model for this
A company has some clients and some officers. Also it has some rooms to be used for meetings between client and officers. one officer is responsible for each room. and room has unique room id. a meeting will be aranged only when the officer and client are free and room is also free. the officer and clients must be registered to the system which will give them unique email ids. arrange the meetings. dont write ode.

2. write a program to find the occurance of charachers ‘!’, ‘$’ ‘?’ ‘.’ ‘,’ etc. Also write a function to
replace all odd occurance of ‘?’ to ‘.’.

3. there was a given program to insert a value at the proper postion in a doubly linked list. there was some logical error in that due to which it was not working properly. find out that error. it was easy.

Sapient test 2nd round

This is also technical round .Duration 1hr
You have to write two programs .in any language .preferably c++ and java.

Program 1.
Name : Post – mails
Some conditions are given like if you cover some distance you have to pay this amount , if postal weight is this then u have to pay this amount .
Thus five to six conditions are given , you have to write the program to get the distance of post – mail / sort / print / the result .
Very simple program just use if and else loop .
Given : getdistance() is function which gives you the distance between two cities.

Program 2
Name : compress and decompress the string .

One string is given like : aaabbbbbcddddeeee
You hav to compress the string like a3b5c1d4e4

And it may happen while transferring the compress string some non alphanumeric characters can add in compressed string so compressed string can become a@3b%5c*1d$4e4 like this you have to remove this extra characters.

Those who cleared this test hav technical interview round

Technical interview :
50 minutes technical interview .
10 min:Debugging
q1 .They had given me one program for debugging. The program is in java .and don’t hav any syntax error. Just logical error.

10 min :
Then told me to correct the mistake I had done in 2nd round answer paper.

10 min :
About My project

10 min :
curriculum /academic subjects .
10 min :
Extra activity – like IEEE membership / achievements / seminars / paper presentation / competitions etc.

5 min:


part 1. They gave a Java Program
to convert the numeric to Words, and there was a bug in it. we have to solve it and give the comments. There is no Syntax error but only the logical error.
The program compiles without errors and runs, but the desired output is not got. for example
Input: 456
Output : four hundred and fifty six (correct)

Input :14000
Output : hundred and fourteen thousand.(wrong)
Desired output : fourteen hundred thousand.

Input :235126
output : hundred and two hundred and thirtyfive thousand hundred and one hundred and twenty six(wrong)

I am not much clear about the question but frame it out.(15 minutes)

part 2. you have to write a program to calculate the sales price of the product for a given conditions. it is very simple.(20 minutes)

part 3. You need to create a class diagram or data model for the given requirements. the requirement is as follows
In a village there are only few families and there were only one newspaper/magazine agent.
there are lot of news paper and magazine available and every month a new magazine or newspaper it introduced.
Every family is getting at least one newspaper or magazine.
Every month at the end the cost is calculated and collected.
Suppose if a family wants to cancel the subscription, they should be able to do it at any day of the month.
The family should be billed only for the days which they got the newspaper or magazine.

The agent plans to buy a computer
and proceed. Please create a class diagram or data model which helps him in developing a new software for it. Do not write the code or Flowchart.(25 minutes)

part 4. Please describe in 50 words. explain a situation in which you helped a person to excel in life in the field which you are more familiar and the person is nil about it.(3 minutes)

Sapient Paper

round1: write 2 programs on paper in 1 hour
.based on chair char in trains function to
allot seats to people with some conditions like try to
give them consecutives one etc
.based on strings like give string remove
toxic words like stupid etc by ###
round2: write 2 programs on paper in 1 hour
.based on postal system,how to decide the amt
payable to companies sending post everyday, sorting
them,discount and many more requirements.
.to compress the data send across the company
and filter out the corrupted data.
round3: technical discussion for abt 45 mins on 2
programs of round 2
additional 2 programs to seach an element
immediately gr8r then all present in an array without
and a modified version of it to handle all
error conditions. etc
what questions I have
round4: behavioual interview 1(HR) for abt 45 mins
tell abt urself
describe deployment of one full project any
why sapient
what can u bring on table
conflicts in team and how were they ressolved
what questions I have
round4: behavioual interview2(HR) for abt 30 mins
similar to round3
{one extra question based on ur technological
skills one thing u want to do to change the nation
what questions I have
round5: Director’s meeting(HR) for abt 15 mins
Describe abt all the ppl u have met earlier in
the process
What questions I have + what I know abt
round6: President’s meeting for abt 10 mins + close of
process including all negotiations
round7: final meeting where u get the offer cum
joining letter

Sapient Placement Paper

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