TATA INFOTECH Placement Paper

Company: Tata Infotech


Directions: Give the synonyms for the following words

1. Depreciation: deflation, depression, devaluation, fall, slump

2. Deprecated : feel and express disapproval,

3. Incentive : thing one encourages one to do (stimulus)

4. Echelon : level of authority or responsibility

5. Innovation : make changes or introduce new things

6. Intermittent : externally stopping and then starting

7. Detrimental: harmful

8. Conciliation : make less angry or more friendly

9. Orthodox: conventional or traditional, superstitious

10. Fallible : liable to error

11. Volatile : ever changing

12. Manifest: clear and obvious

13. Connotation : suggest or implied meaning of expression

14. Reciprocal: reverse or opposite

15. Agrarian : related to agriculture

16. Vacillate : undecided or dilemma

17. Expedient : fitting proper, desirable

18. Simulate : produce artificially resembling an existing one.

19. Access : to approah

20. Compensation: salary

21. Truncate : shorten by cutting

22. Adherence : stick

23. Heterogeneous: non similar things

24. Surplus : excessive

25. Assess : determine the amount or value

26. Cognizance : knowledge

27. Retrospective : review

28. Naive : innocent, rustic

29. Equivocate : tallying on both sides, lie, mislead

30. Postulate : frame a theory

31. Latent : dormant, secret

32. Fluctuation : wavering,

33. Eliminate : to reduce

34. Affinity : strong liking

35. Expedite : hasten

36. Console : to show sympathy

37. Adversary : opposition

38. Affable : lovable or approachable

39. Decomposition : rotten

40. Egregious : apart from the crowd, especially bad

41. Conglomeration: group, collection

42. Aberration: deviation

43. Augury : prediction

44. Creditability : ability to common belief, quality of being credible

45. Coincident: incidentally

46. Constituent : accompanying

47. Differential : having or showing or making use of

48. Litigation : engaging in a law suit

49. Moratorium: legally or officially determined period of delay before fulfillment of the agreement of paying of debts.

50. Negotiate : discuss or bargain

51. Preparation : act of preparing

52. Preponderant : superiority of power or quality

53. Relevance : quality of being relevant

54. Apparatus : appliances

55. Ignorance : blindness, in experience

56. Obsession: complex enthusiasm

57. precipitate : speed, active


Directions: In the following questions complete the series

NOTE: This section is quite tough and consists of 26 questions to be done in 10 minutes. Please keep track of time.

1. A C B D E F G I – I H K J L
Ans. H

2. A I Z B E Y C I X D I – G E N J W
Ans. W

3. A D G J M P – R W T S
Ans. S

4. A B C E F G I J K – M L O N P
Ans. M

5. A B F G K L P Q – T S V U W
Ans. U

6. J W X U V S T – Q P S E T
Ans. Q

7. A R H X Y T D T W S T – N P T K R
Ans. P

8. F M B I P Z V I E V – I R Y O U

9. N Z I Y C X KW F – J F V M Y
Ans. V

10. A A S A S P A S P K A – R Q T S U
Ans. S

11. A E C P S – T R U E
Ans. U

12. B B P R D D L N F F I K – H Q J I K
Ans. H

13 A Z E X I V M T – R Q N S O
Ans. Q

14. A B D G K P – L I W U X
Ans. U

15. B C D A E G H I F J L M N L K N M O
Ans. K

16. X W E F G V U H I J K – P N S R T
Ans. T

17. O D J T O P Q N O E R T – Q O U V W
Ans. O

18. P R N U U P E J R B B – H V U N E
Ans. E

19.L U L M G M N F N P S – O N Q P S
Ans. P


1. 420% OF 7.79 = ?
Ans. 32.718

2. 3427 / 16.53 = ?
Ans. 202

3. 10995 /95 = ?

4. 43+557-247 =?
Ans. 353

5. 3107*3.082= ?
Ans. 9591

6. 48.7 + 24.9 – 8.7 = ?
Ans. 64.90

7.525.0/47.8 = ?
Ans. 11

8. (135-30-14)*7 – 6 +2 = ?
Ans. 3

9. 3/8 * 5.04=?
Ans. 1.89

10. 697 /219 = ?
Ans. 3.18

11.8/64 +64/16 =?
Ans. 4.14

12. 298 * 312 / 208 = ?
Ans. 453.54

13. 0.33 *1496 /13 = ?
Ans. 37.98

14.0.26 + 1/8 = ?
Ans. 0.385

15. 66.17+1/3= ?
Ans. 67.03

16. 2.84+1/4= ?
Ans. 3.09

17. 33% OF 450 = ?
Ans. 148.5

18. 907.54 / 0,3073= ?

19.There are two categories of persons in ratio A:B = 2:3. A type earns 2.5 dollars/hr and B type 1 dollar/hr total money earned by both is 24dollars. Then what is the total number of persons
Ans. 15

20. Total balls are z, the number of red balls is n and the remaining are black balls, then the % of black balls equal to ?
Ans. (z – n) / z*100

21. If A = C, B = 2D what should be done to make the ratio same. i.e.a/b = c/d
Ans. Multiply A by 2

22. If P=Total number of components, Q = number of defective components .What is the % of non defective components?
Ans. (p-q) / p*100

23. If the cost of an article is x , first discount given is y% of cost, second discount given is z% of cost . The selling price of x is
Ans. x (1-y / 100) (1- z / 100)

24.Which of the following are prime numbers
(a) 119
(b) 115
(c) 127
(d) none
Ans. (c)

25. A / B = C; C > D then
(a) A is always greater than D
(b) C is always greater than D
(c) B is always less than D
(d) None of these
Ans. (a)

26. If B>C and AA then which expression will be highest value
(a) A-B
(b) AB
(c) A+B
(d) Can’t Say
Ans. (b)

33. K, L are men who take home a salary of x, y respectively.The total amount taken home is
Ans. Kx + Ly

34. If out of X bulbs y bulbs are broken; The % of non broken bulbs
Ans. (x-y) / x*100

35. If on a salary s per month, a tax of x% of the salary and another of r% of the salary is deducted what is the income.
Ans. s*(1-(x+r)/100

36. 0.512 * 18902358 =?
Ans. 9678007.296

37. If the % of defective balls is 10% balls,and the number of defective balls is 5.The number of balls is

38. 6.29% of 2.8 =?
Ans. 0.18

39. 0.398 * 456= ?
Ans. 181.49

40. 0 < x < 1 which is greater
(a) 1/x2
(b) 1/x
(c) x
(d) x2
Ans. (a)

41. If c = a/b; a-1 = c, what is the relation between a and b?
Ans. b = a/a-1

42. What is the sum of 7 consecutive odd numbers with 27 as the fourth number
Ans.189 FLOWCHART SECTION Directions: There are 7 flow charts and each has 5-6 blank rectangles/diamonds with sub question number in the rectangle/diamond. You have to fill the blank from the 5 options given against respective question number NOTE: These types of questions are not at all tough. You have to understand the logic and then it is very easy to fill the blanks. Some information is provided for getting to the answers. There will be blanks which have to be filled. Examples of flow charts asked to be filled :

(1) There are 3 boxes of 3 balls each. you have to select the heaviest among all.

(2) There are red and black balls in a box. You select some balls from the blocks. If the ball chosen is red then you get one point. If the chosen ball is ball black and previous ball is red then you get two points. For winning u have to get seven points. No point for selecting consecutive balls of the same color.

(3)Classify objects in class A, class B and scrap. for classfiying you have to do different tests such as weight test, material test etc.

(4)There is production process in which action depends on temperature and pressure and we have some temperature and pressure controls.Draw a flowchart to complete the process.

(5)Find max. and min. of the 12 nos.in an array.Arrang the array in ascending order and find the maximum and minimum value in the array

(6)Diffrent age group are given and also different salary slabs are given. Depending on the salary group as well as his group you have to classify the group of people in particular class.

TATA INFOTECH Placement Paper


Tata Infotech Ltd merges with Tata Consultancy Services Ltd visit offical Website of TATA INFOTECH for more details

TCS Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern: 24th-January-2011

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Tata Consultancy Services is an Indian multinational information technology services and consulting company, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra and largest campus and workforce in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Founded: 1 April 1968
Headquarter: Mumbai
Founders: Faquir Chand Kohli, Tata Sons, J. R. D. Tata

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