Company: TATA Motors Limted

Course: BTech
Branch: Mechanical Engineering

Details of types of questions asked in Aptitude Test in each of the sections:
There was a time limit for each question. Aptitude questions and quant questions were allotted 30 seconds each after which the questions could not be attempted.You need to be fast with the quant ques they were simple but required speed. For technical questions the time was sufficient

Details of the process and your contribution:

We were divided into two teams one for and the other against the motion and we had to stick to it throughout the discussion. I was asked to start the discussion. And during the discussion I kept contributing with new points. In the end I was also asked to conclude from both sides.


There was only one interview. My first question was why do you want to join TATA motors ? I led them towards my project and the rest of the discussion for 20 minutes was followed by basic questions from manufacturing technology on welding.


For aptitude, technical GATE preparation material is enough though I did was only clear with thermodynamics basics and relied on what I remembered.
Just be confident for the Group Discussions and try to get noticed. For interviews be thorough with your project or training and have good command over your favorite subjects.