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I have attended a telephonic interview from Wep India Peripherals. It was pure technical. first they asked me to describe about my current job, current CTC, Expected CTS and whether willing to relocate? like that…after that they asked me whether i am ready for a technical interview now (day before yesterday HR called up me to inform abt the telephonic interview). and they asked me to rate myself from 1-10 for sql server, asp.net and vb6.
here r the questions they asked. just for ur reference

1) Difference between Server.Transfer and Response.Redirect?
2) Directives in .NET? – (Page directive & Error Directive)
3) Explain about Web.Config file?
4) How many web.config file can be used with an application?
5) Page level tracing and application level tracing?
6) Explain about ViewState and what will happen if view state is false?
7) Explain about Dataview?
8) What is Ispostback?
9) Use of datagrid and its major properties?
10) How dataset differ from data reader?
11) How to implement polymorphism in .NET?
12) Explain about the use of Ctype and its Syntax?
13) What is shared functions?
14) How to create xml using Dataset?
15) Explain about Global Assembly cache?
16) Where the compiled dll file stored?
17) Explain about garbage collectors?
18) How to register shared assembly?
19) Optional parameters in .NET?

1) How to create exe for vb application?
2) Early binding and late binding?
3) What is the use of option explicit and where to specify?
4) Cursor types and Lock types used with VB6?
5) How to transfer recordset values to an array?
6) How to create xml file from recordset?
7) How to track errors in vb6?
8) What is the differents between OnErrorResume and OnErrorResumeNext
9) How to register ActiveX controls?
10) What is the differents between dll and ocx control?
11) How to call an exe from vb6? ie using shell scripting
12) How to pass parameter to exe?
13) How to make a connection with database using code?
14) How to specify optional parameters in VB6?
15) How to specify password field?

SQL Server 2000
1) What are cursors?
2) What are triggers?
3) How to specify parameters in a stored procedure?
4) Marks of the students are stored in a table called marks.
How to find the row containing the second largest mark from the table using sql query?
there might have been more ques from sql server.but this is all i remember
finally they asked me if i am selected how soon i can join with them? and they told if am selected from this round next round will be hands on, for that i have to appear in person…and they told they will inform me soon about next round through mail. it lasted around 45 min. ok Now am waiting for that.

Wep India Placement Paper

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