Company: Wipro Technologies

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Wipro Technical Interview Questions

1.What is difference between UNIQUE and PRIMARY KEY constraints?

A UNIQUE constraint is similar to PRIMARY key, but you can have more than one UNIQUE constraint per table. Contrary to PRIMARY key UNIQUE constraints can accept NULL but just once. If the constraint is defined in a combination of fields, then every field can accept NULL and can have some values on them, as long as the combination values is unique.

2.What are the steps involved in designing?
Project plan, Requirements, Design, Coding, Testing, Re-coding and design, Development, Maintenance.

3.what is the difference between interface and multiple interface?
Both an abstract class and an interface are specific types of computer objects that allow a programmer to loosely define one type of object as if it were another type, while retaining all of the object’s original properties. While multiple different computer languages use one or both of these concepts, Java is the most well-known. Abstract classes and interfaces have a variety of similarities, but also incorporate significant differences in structure, syntax, and usage.

4.How can we delete Duplicate row in table?

SQL> delete from table_name where rowid not in (select max(rowid) from table group by duplicate_values_field_name);

5.When do you use SQL Profiler?
SQL Profiler utility allows us to basically track connections to the SQL Server and also determine activities such as which SQL Scripts are running, failed jobs etc..

6.What do you meant by active and passive objects?

7.What do you meant by static and dynamic modeling?

8.What is Program counter?

9.Can you give an example of Stored Procedure?

10.What is a trigger?

11.Is XML case-sensitive?

12.What is a Null object?

13.What do you mean by Stack unwinding?

14.Define precondition and post-condition to a member function.

15.How can you sort the elements of the array in descending order?

16.In what areas do you need to improve your skills?

17.What is DOM?

18.How macro execution is faster than function ?

19.what do you mean by realization in oops, what is persistent, transient object.

20.Name the operators that cannot be overloaded.?