Important Points
In this test, a set of 3/4/5 figures is given. Each figure changes in design from the preceding
one in a particular order. Candidates are required to choose the correct answer figure, which would
best continue the series. This test judges your pattern perception. You have to discern the pattern which may be quantitative, qualitative, rotative, multi-relational, or ratio-based. The series-may also be based on mixed operations, in which various elements change their directions/positions, increase ordecrease in number as well as change qualitatively. This test also includes questions on correct
sequence of figures. Students are asked as to interchange of which two figures would make the series correct.

Multiple Choice Questions

Directions: There are two set of figures. One
set is called problem figures and the other set is
called answer figures. Problem set figures from
some kind of series. Select one figure from the
answer set figures which will continue the series
in the problem set figures.

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