1. Body temperature of a normal person:
    a) 81.1°C
    b) 36.9°F
    c) 36.9°C
    d) 98.6°F
  2. A healthy person’s B.P. is
    a) 81/170 mm of mercury
    b) 80/120 mm of mercury
    c) 70/140 mm of mercury
    d) 120/180 mm of mercury
  3. On kidney failure, blood is purified by
    a) Dialysis
    b) Biopsy
    c) Angiography
    d) Ultrasound
  4. AIDS spreads through
    a) Bacteria
    b) Protozoa
    c) Virus
    d) Fungi
  5. Heat beat of a normal person is
    a) 50 per min
    b) 70 per min
    c) 80 per min
    d) 100 per min
  6. Malaria is a disease which effects the
    a) Heart
    b) Lungs
    c) Spleen
    d) Kidney
  7. Which of the following pairs is incorrect?
    a) Plague-rats
    b) Rabies-dogs
    c) Tapeworm – pig
    d) Poliomyelitis – monkeys
  8. Typhoid and cholera are typical example of
    a) Infectious diseases
    b) Air-borne diseases
    c) Water borne diseases
    d) None
  9. Myopia is a disease connected with
    a) Eyes
    b) Brain
    c) Liver
    d) Heart
  10. Lock Jaw i.e. difficulty in opening the mouth is a symptom of
    a) Diphtheria
    b) Tetanus
    c) Cholera
    d) Plague

  1. Volume of blood in a normal human body is
    a) 3-4 litre
    b) 5-6 litre
    c) 8-10 litre
    d) 10-12 litre
  2. Which of the following is hereditary disorder?
    a) Scurvy
    b) Ricketus
    c) Colour blindness
    d) Night blindness
  1. Main component of bones and teethes are
    a) Calcium carbonate
    b) Calcium phosphate
    c) Calcium sulphate
    d) Calcium nitrate
  2. Diabetes is caused due to lack of
    a) Sugar
    b) Insulin
    c) Calcium
    d) Iron
  3. Smallpox is a deadly and lightly contagious
    a) Viral disease
    b) Fungal disease
    c) Both (a) and (b)
    d) None
  4. Test tube baby means
    a) Ovum developed without fertilization in test tubes
    b) Ovum fertilized in test tube and developed in uterus
    c) Ovum fertilized and developed in test tube.
    d) Ovum fertilized in uterus and developed in test tubes.
  5. A person of which of the following blood groups can receive blood of any group?
    a) A b) AB
    c) B d) O
  6. ECG is used for the diagnosis of ailments of
    a) Brain
    b) Heart
    c) Kidneys
    d) Lungs
  7. Ricketts is a disease of
    a) Bones
    b) Tissue
    c) Muscles
    d) Blood
  1. Which of the following vitamins promotes healthy functioning of eyes in human beings?
    a) Vit B
    b) Vit C
    c) Vit A
    d) Vit D

1.c ,2. d ,3. a
4.c ,5. b, 6. c
7.d ,8. c, 9. a
10.b ,11. b ,12. c
13.b ,14. b ,15. a
16.b ,17. b ,18. b
19.a, 20. c

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