Company: Aricent Group

Aricent- DAV centenary college 6th April, 2012
Today Aricent came in to our college for campus selections, the basic criteria is 65% avg in ur graduation to sit in campus selection.
There are four rounds in selection process-
1. Written test
2. Group discussion
3. Technical round
4. Hr round.
Written test.
Written test is conducted online testing by aspiring minds, its compulsory to note ur amcat id immediately after registering on it, otherwise it will create a major problem, it may happen without ur amcat id u cant resume ur test is any mishappening appeared in front of u..
In written test there is 4 parts-
1. Computers fundamental: in this very basic questions asked in it, reacted to computers and its parts like CPU, cd-rom ,I/O devices, sectors of hard disk, image format and many more this part contains .
2. Logical part: this part conatins logical questions like “blod realtaion,”, alphabetical codings sitting arrangements etc..
3. Maths: in this questions are very simple. Topics are-time nd distance, time and work, logarithms, profit and loss, probability, permutation and combination.
4. English: antonym and synonyms, passages, arranging sentence in proper order, prepositions etc.
There are 83 students appeared in this test from which 37 cleared the test. The results announce after a presentation given by Aricent. A form is given by them to qualified students in which we have to fill our personal qualifications nd some other details.
After that they collected that form from us, nd said get ready for next round, I m the first student who goes for technical round, first I asked may I come in sir….he said come in pls b seated. After that the conversation between us is as follows—–
he asked me so tell me something about your self- told. wat r strong points in u- told.
* how can u determine that the programe is running on ur system is how much memory space it taking. some basic ques. lyk wat is os… hardware nd ntwrk udp nd ftp, tcp/ip
* c nd c++ m diffrence
* windows nd proceesor related questionsk
* difrnt difrnt of system hardware
* important part of a system
* wat r functions nd why they used
* do u knw trigonometry i sid yes then I was expecting he will give its question bt he said do intgegrationg of (a) raise to power x. he asked some logical questions also lyk- he said to me…there is 2 boxes each box conatins equal no. of balls they hav same size nd color. one of the ball have more wt. thn other in one of box u hav to find that ball.

i said i will wt. the box
nd than balls
then he hacked me by his tricks
at last i said sir i dnt knw
bta right ans is
wt. the box
which have grter wt
chose that box
than dived the balls
equal 2 parts nd messure them
which part hav more wt. choose that n then
dived them again nd messure
and so on..

after that he asked me abt current affairs going on in india.
At last he said, ok thnku ur round is completed. In last I asked sir may I ask u something then he said yes u can I asked sir wat r my week points u observed, he smiled and explained it to me. At last he hand shaked with me.

While some students are giving there interviews, in another room group discussion is going in other rooms. After my tech. round I went for the group discussion there the interviewer gives us some topics and said decide on which u wana talk we are 8 peoples in a group. Than we decided the topic that is health care in india, nd she gave us 5 mins to prepare for it. After that we started discussion.
After that the nxt round is hr round in which the student which r clread in tech. nd gd are called for hr round hr round was quiet simple.after clearing appti test than u r able to give tech. nd gd if u performed well in these 2 rounds only then u r able to move fwd for tech. round otherwise not.
I m not selected bcoz.i was not sound in tech. round
Bst of luck to all of u gyz