caritor solution
caritor solution

Company: Carritor

I just finished my third year. I got placed in Caritor in our college campus interview. First I attended TCS and cleared aptitude out of 400+students only 23 were shortlisted for the technical interview and 16 were shortlisted for HR the aptitude was easy and it was very similar to the previous paper (khandavali sep-2005 paper that i saw in technical – it was like a rapid fire round for computer sciance students but cake walk for other departments(not even a single question was technical). questions were asked from data structures sorting
networking concepts
software engineering,… the very next day I had caritor. Out of 300 students 53 were shortlisted after aptitude,36 after GD,22 after technical and 20 after HR

Day 1- Aptitude, GD

Aptitude was simple.actually i didn’t prepare anything for that as i was upset with tcs debacle.

45 questions-one swimmer problem, there was some order which u have to find and conditions were given. actually very simple
for other r.s.agarwal is enough-probs on ages,averages,percentage,time&work then we were asked to write a passage on “how our college helped us to be successfull”-this is not an elimination round and its just to test your written skills. then we had GD. they asked us to suggest topics and we discussed on two topics- “is GD necessary for campus interviews” and “ban on mobile phones in campus” (for other groups it was one topic only need not worry).
this was not a major elimination round. they will select even if you do fairly well day-2 — Technical and HR interview Technical interview—this was quite good.
I was asked to write two programs–one to find largest number in the array and the other one to compare two strings and find if second is a substring of first. though i stuck i came out with the answer. the interviewer infact made me feel comfortable and gave me clues
then basic queries in DBMS and lifecycle models in software engineering.
that’s it I got thro’ technical and called for HR

HR — was really cool. they just asked whether i am flexible to relocate, hobbies,
where do u see urself in three years …that’s it

my name was there in the final list

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