Ciena India Pvt. Ltd Placement Paper

Company: Ciena India Pvt. Ltd

Ciena India Pvt. Ltd.

Question were like-

* Whats RTOS, why RTOS?
* Differences between GPOS & RTOS.
* Scheduling, priority inversion/inharitance.
* Priority inharitance bug in Vxwroks 5.3 which I didnt know about. Jim explaning me this issue in VxWorks 5.3 and that WindRiver fixed it in newer version 5.4.
* Some C++ question on inharitance, virtual methods.
* What happens when base class pointers pointing to inherited call object. Would a compiler give an error?
* Simple C questions like- returning local from a function, passing by value/reference.
* a.c


* Now if you are linking a.o with math.lib which also has above two functions, what would be the result? If there is no error, why?
* How library file are included during linking?
* If you remove add() function definition from above code and then link with math.lib, results is an error. Why?

This discussion lasted close to an hour.

Technical Questions

This interview too was in lines of the first one. Preeti asked me questions on C++, Sonet and C.

* Inheritance in C++.
* About my earlier work on SONET.
* She was from Transwitch asked me what transwitch devices we used in our products.
* Drivers used. Did we use our own drivers or supplied drivers from vendors. Why/Why not?
* little endian/big endian.
* C program to convert little endian to big endian. Implement htons.
* Convert little to big endian using UNIONS. ( I coudnt do this one).
* Padding in structures. How to do it?
* Word alignment. Exception generated when there is a misaligned address.
* Why alignment is required?
* Bitwise calculations.
* Adding four numbers using bitwise operator. Why bitwise?
* How bitwise operations are better than simple addition?

Ciena India Pvt. Ltd Placement Paper

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