Company: Citrix Systems

Aptitude Test : 60 Minutes
Technical : 60 Minutes

Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:
There were 2 rounds of Aptitude Test. The first was 1 hour and written by all students who had applied and cleared the required CGPA cut-off. It consisted on questions on the topics of Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Technical knowledge in C programming. 25 students were then shortlisted on the basis of their performance in the first Aptitude Round for s second round of written tests. This time the paper was of duration 1 hour and required coding solutions for 3 problems in the field of Data Structures using the C/C++ language. The questions were fairly simple and should not be too much of a problem if you have done Data Structures.


14 students were short listed for the round of Personal Interviews on the basis of their performance in the second round of written tests. There were 4 panels taking interviews simultaneously. The questions asked were pretty regular. Apart from your coding, do keep a proper knowledge about the theory too, for eg. advantages of Object Oriented Programming, definitions of Friend Functions, Overloading, Polymorphism, the different kinds of Inheritance, etc. A few questions on Coding and Time Complexity were also asked.

Some students were asked questions on Unix and the Kernel. Basically you can make the interview go in the direction you want by naming subjects that you are well versed in and confident about, when asked to do so. Students did not make the cut were told so immediately after their interview. At the end of the first round there were just 5 students left for the second round. The second round saw 3 people taking the interview together. It involved questions on Operating Systems and Data Structures. Not very tough, but requiring some amount of thought.


The HR interview was only a formality, and took place I guess only after they were confident that the student had made the cut. It was just to have an informal talk and inform the student about the result.


Be thorough with Data Structures, Operating Systems. Take the name of any subject only if you are confident of your knowledge in it. Be confident, and make sure that you think out loud when trying to answer a question. Apart from your final answer they’re also looking at your thought process. So even though you don’t give the correct answer, you might just end up impressing them with the way you approached the problem.

Also I strongly believe that you can make an interview go in the direction you want. They only ask you questions in subjects that you tell them. So be very careful about how you answer the question “Which is your favorite subject so far?” or “Which subjects have you studied?”. A casual answer might just catch you off guard.