Company: Gammon

Aptitude Test : 60 Minutes
Quantitative : 20 Minutes
Verbal English : 10 Minutes
Technical : 30 Minutes

Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:

TECHNICAL:- Questions were asked mostly from Strength of materials,soil mechanics,design of concrete structures,design of steel structures.Questions were generally knowledge but in some of the cases calculation based questions were also there.

ANALYTICAL-Time & Distance Time & Space Ratio & Mix Area & Volume Simple Interest.Go through R S aggarwal etc.

Details of the process and your contribution:

The selection process involved 30 minutes of technical test and 20 minutes of aptitude test and 10 minutes for english part.After that eighteen students were selected for interview.


The duration of interview was 10 to 15 minutes. Mainly question were asked from the project and industrial training I did. They basically look for your confidence.


The usual HR questions were asked like:-

1)tell about yourself

2)what is your father’s profession?

3)Why do you want to join Gammon?

4)would you like to go for higher studies?- (say no to this)

5)some questions from Biodata were also asked.

They had three criteria:

1. whether you know Hindi.
2. if you were willing to work anywhere in India.
3. you are committed and confident and will not leave company.


The interview for me was short with mainly HR questions.


Be confident and be thorough with your subject. Don’t get tensed at the time of interview. Be strong in your basics.Listen to the presentation carefully and then decide yourself whether to join the company or not. Don’t be in two minds. If you think it suits you then assure the HR that you are very interested in the company and you want to
work with the company in the near future.