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HEXAWARE Technologies Placement Paper

Company: Hexaware Technologies

HEXAWARE Test Pattern

1) Written Test – 100 questions – 100 marks – 1 Hour
2) Group Discussion.
3) Technical Interview.
4) HR Interview.

Total candidates written the exam : 1500
Total no.of Batches : 3
Exam duration : 1 Hour.
Total Questions : 100
Total Marks : 100
Each question carries 1 mark.
Written test results were announced within 45 minutes.
GD results were announced within 2 minutes.

Synonyms – 10 questions.
Find the misspelled words – 5 questions.
Find the correct meaning of the phrases – 5 questions.
Analytical Questions – 30 Questions.
Quantitative Aptitude – 30 Questions.
Match the following – 20 Questions.

1) Go through the Old Question papers of HEXAWARE. Mostly 10 – 15 questions asked from Old papers (Quantitative Aptitude).

2) Since Match the following is in a group, time taken for selecting the appropriate answer is high. So, Whatever you know in match the following, first write the answers.
(Questions from 81 to 100 with A to T on the opposite side in a continuous series.)
Match the following is the easiest part, if you know the opposite matches. Otherwise, you need to traverse the entire block once again.

3) Then, go for the questions you know very well, since old questions are also featured the exam.

4) Don’t mug the answers of old papers.
Solve it on your own and check the answers.Then, you can get a good idea of attending other questions in the exam.

5) Easily you can answer 40 – 50 questions within 30 minutes.

GD Topics:
1) What Should India do to win a gold medal in the Olympics?
2) Will India need a Dictatorship / Democratic rule now?

Overview of GD:
My GD topic is “What Should India do to win a gold medal in the Olympics?”.
My Batch consists of 11 members.
4 to 5 of them are shouting, right from beginning.
They never gave the chance to others.
The persons who are shouted during the GD are asked to present a Stage performance by the GD judges.
At last 3 got selected from the Shouted list.

HEXAWARE Technologies Placement Paper

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