Hughes Software systems
Hughes Software systems

Company: Hughes Software systems


Aptitude Questions

1.Age problem

2.Time and distance


4.direction problem

5.(2n + 2 n-1/2 n+1 ? 2n) what is gives if n = something

6.( 10n ?1) n>1 when is divisible by divisible by 8

7.find the missing no. when it is divisible by some no

8.Boat problem


Technical Questions

10.Which one is called family tree

11.virtual function and overloading

12.DHCP protocol

13.order of insertion and Heap sort  

14.left recursion

15.find output: for(l=1;a<=l;a++) cout<<++a; cout <<a;

16.=”” debug=”” trigger=”” (oracle)=””

17.=”” in=”” unrestricted=”” session=”” which=”” system=”” privilege=”” mode=”” is=”” used=””

18.=”” nextval=”” and=”” currentval=”” sequence=””

19.=”” unix=”” call=”” ??like=”” var(=”” )=””

20.=”” os=”” 384=”” support=”” memory=”” management=””

21.=”” complexity=”” to=”” access=”” name=”” from=”” the=”” given=”” double=”” link=”” list=””

22.=”” wan=”” network=”” suitable=”” for=”” 100km=”” or=”” m.=”” distance=””

23.=”” if=”” duplicate=”” segments=”” ,=”” file=”” are=”” there=”” hardisk=”” best=”” a)=”” fat=”” b)=”” sat=””

24.=”” stop=”” n=”” wait=”” protocol=”” associated=”” with=”” layer=””

25.=”” find=”” errors=”” c=”” c++=”” codes.=””

26.=”” 3=”” qns=”” on=”” operating=”” systems.=”” i=”” qn=”” dijkestra=”” algorithm=””

27.=”” using=”” pin=”” it’s=”” possible=”” address=”” 16=”” bit=”” addresses=”” even=”” though=”” re=”” only=”” 8=”” bits=”” 8085?=”” ans:=”” ale=””

28.=”” voltage=”” gain=”” an=”” amplifier=”” 100=”” while=”” it=”” at=”” 10=”” volts.=”” what=”” o=”” p=”” wen=”” 1=”” volt=””

29.=”” quality=”” factor=”” indicates=”” of=”” inductor=”” capacitor=”” c)=”” both=””

30.=”” related=”” bridges,=”” routers=”” generators,=”” osi=”” they=”” corresspond=”” to.=”” (refer=”” stevens=”” 4th=”” chapter)=””

31.=”” opamp’s=”” ciurrent,=”” current=”” cmrr=”” given,=””

32.=”” 2-3=”” scope=”” static=”” variables=”” c.=”” view=”” odf=”” a=”” var=””

33.=”” print=”” value=”” pointer=””


35.=”” physical=”” virtual=”” address,=”” table=”” was=”” provided=””

36.=”” 6=”” mantissa=”” exponent=”” can=”” present=”” maximum=”” value?=””

37.=”” 4=”” window=”” size=”” sliding=”” protocol,=”” how=”” many=”” acknowledements=”” be=”” held?=””

38.=”” security=”” functionality=”” by=””

39.=”” frequency=”” spectrums=”” am,=”” fm=”” pm=”” (figure=”” u’veto=”” tell=”” kind=”” modulation=”” belongs=”” to)=””

40.=”” among=”” am=”” better=”” why?=””

41.=”” last=”” stage=”” ttl=”” nand=”” gate=”” called:=”” totem=”” pole=”” amplifie=””

42.=”” sr=”” jk=”” flip=”” flop=”” conversion.=”” s=”JQ’,” r=”KQ”

43.=”” lsb=”” shift=”” register=”” connected=”” its=”” msb,=”” formed:=”” ring=”” counter=””

44.=”” based=”” demorgan’s=”” laws=”” (identiies:=”” (a+b)’=”A’b’,” etc)=””

45.=”” 2=”” logic=”” gates=”” (o=”” gates)=””

46.=”” diff=”” iret=”” ret=”” statements=”” 8086=””

47.=”” bytes=”” required=”” array=”” chips=”” (4=”” *=”” 6),=”” each=”” chip=”” having=”” 8k=”” registers.=””

48.=”” diff.=”” mapped=”” input=”” output=”” book=”” microprocessor)=”” 49.=”” pipeline=”” architecture=”” 50.=”” lapb=”” <=””></a;>

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