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Hi frnds,

I am Tushar Saxena. Tech Mahindra visited our campus BBDNITM, Lucknow on 10-11 Aug. 10-12 colleges were invited. First day they selected 25 out of near about 800 and second day 51/800. The selection procedure is as follows:
1. Online Test
2. Technical Interview
3. HR Interview

1. Online Test:-
They took online test in 6 Batches. I was in Batch-2. We were provided a PC in our lab which were connected to their server. Test was divided in 5 catogeries. 3 were english and 2 aptitude.
English part was pretty simple consist of 35 questions(10,10,15). Questions were fill in the blanks with propositions and words with appropiate verb forms and suitable worlds. 4 vocab questions. Some questions were based on paragraph conclusion.
Aptitude consist of verbal and non verbal (20,20). Verbal was frankly very tough and Non verbal was simple. In verbal questions were based on series, missing no. or char., odd one out, 2 ques from venn diag. Missing no. or char. was really tough, series was simple, odd one out was ok. But I suggest you to take this part at last. First try non verbal. It was simple. But I didnt have time left for it (only 5 minutes) for this as I took verbal first.
There were no negative marking. They instructed for sectional cut-off but I dont think it really was. They selected 48 out of 250-300 from our college.

2. Technical Interview:
It was simple. Based on CV. Some were asked HR like question. But mine was technical. He asked me in which languages I am comfortable. I told C. I was asked to write 2 simple programs. One string reversal and printing even numbers. Then some general C’s concept like calloc fun. and data types.

3. HR:
We were called in a group of 5. First he just asked us to describe ourselves and then a casual talk based on hobbies. I was asked to describe Matrix movie and a match (Aus-Africa 435). All 5 were selected. It was like a formality and they hardly reject anybody.
At last they asked 25 final selected to report next day at 3 afternoon. We had to wait till 11 at night. Then they declared final results. They gifted us a T-shirt.
Package is 260000 pa. They will send joining letter in 3-4 days in college.

Besk of luk to all. May be we will meet in MBT.

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