Infosys Placement Paper & Interview

Company: Infosys Technologies Ltd


2. HR

NOTE :(we were given an application form of infy we were asked to write it before the exam had started)


All questions were of REASONING type —–30 questions(R.S Aggarwal reasoning book is more than enough)
here time management is very important
One question was time consuming for me and that was from the puzzle test so be prepared wid all 7 models of PUZZLE TEST

we had DATA INTETERPRETATION and as i couldnt solve the 1st question properly i had to solve this

so dont waste time for the questions u cannot solve instead do the one which is easier n refer(r s aggarwal quantitative aptitude for this)
mostly bar charts, tables and pi charts are given (we were given a table)

5 questions were from FIGURES
we were given 3 figures followed by a ‘?’
in this the 1st two figures are have some relationship b/w them n based on that we hav to pick an answer figure which matches the 3rd figure
this was an easy one

5 questions were from SYLLOGISM. this was a bit different from wht i thought
they give 5 statements naming them a,b,c,d,e
then the answers choices were like 3 were paired eg:1)abe 2)dbe 3)aeb 4)dae
n we hav to find the pair which corretly matchs it if u do r.s aggarwal n r perfect wid all rules of syllogism i dont thing this would b tough

5 questions were of DATA SUFFICIENCY type
i felt this was easy
the questions i remember were from mensuration,length of train, ages of people
thts it in this part, we were not told the cutoff but i think its better to try for atleast 20 out of 30

40 questions were there. I scored 24 marks
there were 2 RCs one was of 2 pages i attempted in the last 5 min but i did it well i believe
then we had
correction of sentences
fill in the blank with correct word
around 5to 6 passages for which we had go choose the correct summary
u hav to read these very fast
time management is very very imp. here
do not waste even one min looking here and there coz tht one min costs a loooooooot

Finally i was called my name for HR n i was on the top of the world. I actually got thru Wipro also but the joy of getting into a dream company is just great. one should definately experience it

One important thing is tht dont think tht its just HR. u should always remember tht there is one more hurdle to pass

In my 1st interview i hav learnt a lot “wht to do n wht not to do in the HR round” so if u hav not yet been placed then first analyze why tht has happened n try to improve on that coz there r huge oppertunities in this world. some way or the other u can get thru once u improve on ur flaws. So be confident and dont be jelous abt the ones who hav already got its a very bad thing

My HR round was coool
HR: come in Swathi
me: yes sir
HR: cmon take ur seat
me: thank u sir (he had asked my resume and asked me to sign on it n also at few places on the application form)

HR: so ur father works as so n so
me: yes sir
HR: so where does he work
me: said

HR: do u hav ny bros or siss
me: said

HR: whr did he do his scholling
me: said (so be prepared wid ur family members’ details also)

HR: so ur hobbies r travelling n music
me: yes sir

HR: whre hav u travelled
me: said a lot of places in India n i mentioned tht i like cold places

HR: k then which was the coldest place u saw
me: shillong in winter, then comes munnar

HR: so would there b snow fall
me: (me sadly)no sir yet to see such a place once

HR: do u like travelling coz of ur fathers transferable job
me: no sir even otherwise i never miss a chance to travel

HR: he gave me 3 topics and asked me to speak on 1
me: spoke abt supermarket (he was impressed)

HR: is there an incident in ur life whr u hav improved or had to changed ur work culture
me: said

HR: then she asked me abt my paper presentation (it was on face detection which comes under AI)
HR: how would u explain to a 7th class kid abt AI
me: i definately had an answer for tht so i answered n i think he was happy wid my answer

HR: k Swathi there r 6 matchsticks here arrange them so that “each one touches one another”
me : i could make 5 to touch each other but not the 6th one

HR: then he asked me to make 4 equlateral triangles with those sticks
me: (the answer is to make a pyramid out of it)i almost did it then he said to leave it aside

HR: k so wht sports do u play
me: I enjoy playing badminton and these days i hav started playing TT too n i njoy tht too

HR: do u hav ny questions
me: asked 2 questions n he had answered them very patiently

HR: k then u can leave now and cal the next person and ALL the Best
me: thank u sir

and that was it I thought I did well & finally I got through so hope this has helped u all & ALL THE BEST to Alll U Freshers & Never forget to have fun coz its already too late.

Infosys Placement Paper & Interview

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