railway recruitment board
railway recruitment board

Railway Recruitment Board Placement Paper

Company: Railway Recruitment Board Chandigarh

28. Mr. Jagdish is confident __________ his success.
(A) about
(B) of
(C) for
(D) regarding

29. He persisted __________doing things in a manner in which he had been doing them.
(A) on
(B) at
(C) about
(D) in

30. An exhibition__________ the new trends in computer education was held in Delhi.
(A) into
(B) for
(C) of
(D) on

Directions (31-35): In the following questions choose the word that can be substituted for the given words.

31. A disease which spreads by contact
(A) infection
(B) contagious
(C) contiguous
(D) uxoring

32. A science which studies insects
(A) Entomology
(B) Epistemology
(C) Entymology
(D) Biology

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33. That which cann’t be corrected
(A) Ineligible
(B) Ineluctable
(C) Insortable
(D) Incorrigible

34. One who believes easily
(A) sedulous
(B) credible
(C) assiduous
(D) credulous

35. A speech made for first time
(A) simultaneous
(B) drawn
(C) extempore
(D) maiden

Direction (36-39): Write word which is most opposite in meaning of the given word.

36. Obstinate
(A) Hoary
(B) Amenable
(C) Tenable
(D) Tender

37. Pernicious
(A) Salutary
(B) Recondite
(C) Innocuous
(D) Disastrous

38. Radical
(A) Singular
(B) Unusual
(C) Normal
(D) Conservative

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39. Mention
(A) Impart
(B) Observe
(C) Attend
D) Conceal

Direction (40-42): Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the word.

40. Sedentary
(A) Material
(B) Sluggish
(C) Slash
(D) Mischief

41. Pertinacious
(A) Stubborn
(B) Tremulous
(C) Stupid
(D) Stingy

42. Gregarious
(A) Clumsy
(B) Pugnacious
(C) Turbulent
(D) Saciable

43. In Rajasthan, Mount Abu, famous for Jain temples is known for—
(A) Abu temple
(B) Ranakpura temple
(C) Dilwara temple
(D) Marble temple

44. The United Nations Organisation was formed on—
(A) October 20, 1945
(B) November 11, 1944
(C) October 24, 1945
(D) June 26, 1946

45. In Vedic literature the meaning of the word ‘Nishk’ was ornament. It was used in Artharva Veda as—
(A) Weapon
(B) Agricultural implements
(C) Script
(D) Coin

46. The executive in India is directly responsible to the—
(A) President
(B) Judiciary
(C) People
(D) Legislature

47. The major producer of copper is—
(A) Kerala
(B) Rajasthan
(C) Orissa
(D) Madhya Pradesh

48. Boys scout and Girls Guide movements were formed by—
(A) Charles Andies
(B) General Ramphel
(C) John Quat
(D) Weden Powel

49. In history the Chola rulers are famous for which type of administration?
(A) Central
(B) Urban
(C) State
(D) Village administration

50. Chanakya was known by the name—
(A) Samudragupta
(B) Vishnugupta
(C) Shrigupta
(D) None of these

51. The largest reserve of crude oil is in the country—
(A) Iran
(B) Iraq
(C) Saudi Arab
(D) Kuwait

52. The Jainism propounded the complete knowledge as—
(A) Jin
(B) Ratna
(C) Kaivalya
(D) Nirvana

53. The rotational motion of earth is maximum at the—
(A) North pole
(B) Tropic of Capricorn
(C) Equator
(D) Tropic of cancer

54. Silicon dioxide is used in—
(A) Cement production
(B) Cutting hard precious metals
(C) Glass manufacture
(D) None of these

55. In which of the following chemical energy is converted into electrical energy?
(A) Dynamo
(B) Thermopile
(C) Battery
(D) Atom bomb

56. If the atmosphere is removed from the earth—
(A) Day will lengthen
(B) Night will lengthen
(C) Both will remain same
(D) Both will be equal

57. In Kushana period the maximum development was observed in the field of—
(A) Religion
(B) Art
(C) Literature
(D) Architecture

58. In rice production Indic is ranked in the world—
(A) First
(B) Second
(C) Third
(D) Fourth


59. The brightest star in the sky is—
(A) Proxima Centauri
(B) Bernard
(C) Nebula
(D) Cirius

60. The number of permanent member nations in the UN Security Council is—
(A) 10
(B) 5
(C) 7
(D) 15

28. (B) 29. (A) 30. (C) 31. (B) 32. (A) 33. (D) 34. (D) 35. (D) 36. (C) 37. (C) 38. (D) 39. (D) 40. (B) 41. (A) 42. (D) 43. (C) 44. (C) 45. (D) 46. (D) 47. (B) 48. (D) 49. (D) 50. (B) 51. (C) 52. (C) 53. (A) 54. (C) 55. (C) 56. (C) 57. (B) 58. (D) 59. (A) 60. (B)

Railway Recruitment Board Placement Paper

About Railway Recruitment Board

Railway Recruitment Control Board is a government recruitment agency for Group C and Group D non-gazetted civil service and engineering posts in Indian Railways under Ministry of Railways, Government of India. It was set up in 1998 in the Ministry of Railways, New Delhi.visit offical website of Railway Recruitment Board for more details.

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