Infosys Placement paper & Interview

Company: Infosys Technologies Ltd

infosys Placement paper Drive in JB Institute Hyderabad 22 Jan

Hi friends, first of all i would like to thank.

1. a short ppt describing d organization,their expectations,etc……..(go thru it seriously as day might ask nothing related to it during d interview n also u gt some queries dat u might ask at d end of ur interview)

2. written test…(paper-pencil based n not computer based)
Mainly focuses on reasoning n english usage.
a)reasoning test-30 ques 40 min
1-5 ques wer based on ranking….available in rs aggarwal(verbal n non-verbal)
eg.a student ranks 9th 4m d top n 15th 4m d bottom in a many students r dere in d class.
ques 6-10 wer based on visual reasoning….rs aggarwal
…5 figures r given-find d odd one out.
ques 11-15 wer on data sufficiency…
a ques is given,followed by 2 statements…v’ve 2 check whether d statements r sufficient 2 ans d ques or not…… R.S.Aggarwal
ques 16-20 was a simple set of data interpretation.
21-25 was a puzzle on blood relations.
25-30 wer on syllogism….
For all d ques in dis section R.S.Aggarwal is both necessary n sufficient.
b)English usage-
40 ques-35 min.
dis was a tough part 4 all those who dont hve a good foundation in english.As d ques wer nt 4m a particular book or known source, one’s proficiency in english was d only key 2 clear dis section.So if u r nt very gud at eng. den start ur preparation early.
d section startd wid a page-long passage on racism…followed by 5 ques
next was a half-page passage…i dont remember d exact topic
both d passages were doable given dat u’ve a gud speed in reading long texts.
There were many ques. on replacing d underlined part wid d correct option.
there were also many ques on sentence completion…or say fill in d blank.
also some of d ques i m unable 2 recall.
Do not start d eng. section wid passages, dey r highly tym consuming…attempt dem after goin thru d rest of d sections. THERE WAS SECTIONAL CUT-OFF n no negative marking.
Test ppr will b different at different locations.
After around 2 hours,d results wer declared.A total of 68 students cud clear d written out of 180+.
As dey were announcing d names,interviews startd immediately.(only HR interview…no technical)
There were around 4-5 single interviewer panels.
Interview experience:
(As mine was d first name on d list,i was d 1st 2 give d interview on my panel n so obviously very nervious.I guess d interviewer understood dis 4m his very 1st ques.)
me: May I cme in,sir.
hr: yes,hv a seat.
(meanwhile he ws goin thru a copy of my resume,marksheets n form dat dey hd asked 2 fill b4 written test.All dese documents r wid d hr even b4 u enter d room.)
hr:tell me somethin ’bout urself.
me:answered (but vry nervously.I almost screwed up dis vry imp ques.)
hr: tell me somethin ’bout ur minor n major project.
me:answered.(now i ws soundin a bit confident n relaxed)
hr: did u face ne problems during ur project work.?
me: asnwered.(b honest n if u didnt face ne such problem den cook up one b4 goin 4 d interview,dey r more interestd in ur approach to solve d problem at hand…if possible go 4 an elaborated ans.)
hr: wer dere ne situations wen u’d 2 work in time-limits,deadlines??
me: explained about my work durin various events in d college.
hr: asked ’bout family background.
hr: do u’ve ne exp. of workin in a team.
me: answrd.
hr: wer dere ne situations wen u wer involvd in a conflict wid ur teammate.How did u resolve it.
me:answrd(dey r lukin 4 ppl who hv problm solving skills,cn work wid diff. ppl….show dat u r 1)
hr:ok den,dat will b it.u cn leave now.
me:thank you sir.

suggestions: a total of 55 students wer selected ot of 68…so prepare written well.

as for the interview….be your self.
Prepare above questions well.
some of my friends wer askd puzzles also.

all the best and thank you for reading my experience

Infosys Placement paper & Interview

About Infosys

Infosys Limited is an Indian multinational information technology company that provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services. The company was founded in Pune and is headquartered in Bangalore.visit offical website of Infosys for more details.

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