TELCON Limited Placement Paper

Company: TELCON Limited


There were total 60 technical, 40 aptitude questions.

Technical questions:

1) Railway track are made up of which iron?

2. In which gear axial force is min?

3. What type of differential is used in train wheels?

a) each wheel has independent motion

b) railway tracks are tapered

c) wheel rim is tapered

d) none of these

4. Casting of iron is done by which process

a) die casting

5. What is the helix angle of spur gear?

6. Initial temp of gas is 27c and pressure 2 bar. it is heated as constant volume to 117c, what is the pressure.

7. How will u measure effective dia of screw?

8. Critical point of vapor?

9. Modulus of elasticity of a material is more by

a) strong bonds

b) weak bonds

c) does not depend on intermolecular bond strength

10) What type of process must have done on iron working in cold condition

a) annealing


11) For natural heating of houses in colder region

a) eastern wall must be painted black on outer side

b) eastern wall must be painted black on inner side

c) western wall must be painted black on outer side

d) western wall must be painted black on inner side

12. From basic rankine cycle 5 questions

13. Types of gears basic 4 questions

14. Pelton wheel basic formula 2 questions

15. Manufacturing process (casting, etc.)

16. Material science (low carbon steel, high carbon steel, etc.) 5 questions

More questions

1. What happens when the inlet valve temperature increases in an IC engine?*

2. What is a superfinishing?

3. Axial thrust is minimum in which type of gears*

4. Study about Helical, double helical gears*

5. Effect of friction on a pulley?

6. If a pendulum based clock is taken to moon .. Then its time would ___*

7. Compression ratio comparison between SI, CI engines*

8. Exhaust valve in a IC engine would open at what time

9. What is a square cylinder*

10. Wound watch energy is stored in terms of? ( P.E/K.E/SPRING ENERGY)*

11. Paraffin oil is used as coolant for machining of which type of material?*

12. Water temp inside a lake which is freezed is?

13. Problem on 1st law of thermodynamics (heat supplied is given .. internal energy is given .. what is the workdone)*

14. Properties of coolant and lubricants*

15. Which material has high ductility? ( low carbon, high, mild steel, dead mild steel)****

16. Study what is annealing, normalizing, shotpeening*

17. What is order in deriving the figures in a proper sequence of analysing the beam? ( shear force, bending moment, slope, deviation)

18. A cubic parabola bending moment trace is seen in which type of loads on a cantilever beam?*

19. What manufacturing process is used in makin circular pipes conveying fluids ( casting/forging/forming .. )

20. What is endurance limit?

21. What is hot working, cold working?

22. What factor is considered in a brinell test of aluminum metal?

23. What is a disadvantage is square thread

24. Which of the following are considered to be a high pair? (tooth under mesh, bolt n nut, .. )?

25. Lewis law used in gears, what is pressure angle?

26. in case of ball bearings , the inner race should be harder than ball bearings? or the other way? or outer race and inner race is harder than ball bearing?

27. Lewis equation is used for analysis of ___ ( pinion? gear? which of them are harder? )

28. What is angle of helix in spur gear?

29. What type of meshing is seen in case of helix gear? (sliding? or contact or .. )

30. What is the function of flywheel?

31. Study about buckling in columns?

TELCO Construction Equipment Co. Ltd, the market leader in Earthmoving and Construction Equipment in India. Telcon is a Joint Venture company of TATA Motors(60% share) and Hitachi Construction Machinery Company, Japan (40%).

With the Head office at Bangalore, Telcon is the largest manufacturer of construction equipment in India. It has two manufacturing plants , at Jamshedpur in Jharkhand and Dharwad in Karnataka. A third plant is under commissioning at Kharagpur.

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TELCON Limited Placement Paper

About TELCON Limited

Telcon is a world leader in the field of soft magnetic cores and components – including open and closed loop Hall effect current sensors. Dedicated to customer support, the company offers technical expertise thats second to none and is committed to future growth and new product development.

Telcon was originally known as the Gutta Percha Company which then merged with Glass Elliot on April 7th 1864 forming the Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Company, and was responsible for supplying the first operating cable across the English Channel. Telcon then laid the first trans-atlantic cable consisting of 1852 miles long from July 13th to September 18th in 1866 using the famous steamship SS Great Eastern..visit offical Wesite of TELCON Limited for more details

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