Value-one Placement Paper

Company: Value-one

Hai frnds,

Useful for those who are going to attend from Tuesday onwards??

I am an ECE B.TECH student.

There are two people in the interview panel both technical and H.R will be conducted by them simultaneously


After entering the panel I have wished both the interviewers. Then they asked me to take my seat and asked to give my resume(Give the resume with u r reference on it, it may favour you).

When did you come here in the morning?

8:00 am sir.

When did you start at your room?

7:00 am sir.

Where do you live in Hyderabad?

Mehdipatnam sir.

Did you have your lunch?

No sir.

How are you feeling now?

A little tired sir.

Did you have your cookies?

Yes sir.

So lets start the interview ok?

Ok sir.

Tell me about yourself?

For this I have started with my name following with my acedamic credentials and about the jkc training I have undergone and the project we did.

Explain the main idea of your project?

For this I have explained the whole idea of our project

You are technically strong in what?

I told that I am basically from ECE sir so we have only ‘C’n our curriculum so I know only that.

Don’ you have idea about OS, CN, MICROPROCESSORS

As we have them in your syllabus I have an idea over them

Then alright (pointing to the other person the first one said) he is a king in microprocessors first he will as you some questions on mp then we will go with some ‘C’ questions ok?

Ok sir.


What is a microprocessor?

What is the new technology in microprocessors?

What is DMA?

What is FSB?

What is crystal frequency?

What is flash memory?

What is virtual memory?

What is paging?

When can you say a microprocessor is efficient?

Speed of processor will depend on what?

In 8086 how many instructions will be processed per second?


Tell all the points which you know about malloc function?

What is a structure and its advantage?(derived data type & can use more than one data type using structs at same time)

What is difference between a structure and a union?(regarding memory usage)

Write a program for swapping of 2 numbers with out using a third variable?

(simple Arithmetic equations let x, y are variables take x=x+y, y=x-y, x=x-y take an example to understand)

What is difference between a stack and a heap?

What is #define why do we use it?


ISO OSI Layers?

What all are the communications do you know?

Difference b/w analog and digital communications give examples?

Expand modem?

What is modulation and demodulation?

Draw all the pictorial representations of logic gates?


There are 36 ball which look identical but one of them is less weighted than others and there is a common balance with you in how many least chances will you trace that ball with less weight out of the group?

Ans: 4 chances

12 12 12 –> we will get group of 12 balls

4 4 4 –>we will get group of 4 balls

2 2 –>we will get group of 2 balls

1 1 –>here you will get the add ball out.
So 4 steps.

Guys please go through with all that you mentioned in your resume

All the best.

Value-one Placement Paper

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