Company: Flextronics Software Systems

I hv attended flextronics interview process..written was in 10th sept nd intrv was in 18th Sept….b4 going 2 intrv u shld prepare urself very well in ur project…dey ii ask almost all the questions
from ur project…dey also ask u to do c programs such as sorting, fibonnaci series..simple data structure programs….networking (ARP RARP, layers of OSI nd their protocols, diff bwt udp nd tcp nd y tcp most preferred, ip adressing etc..lots of questions from networking dey ll ask.Be confident..dnt try 2 outsmart dem..dey knows everything mind it everything… prepare ur project very well…wen u write programs make it sure that it ll run by giving input and show dem the result dey like it dat way 1nly. Mine intrv was more den 1 hr (TECHNICAL 1nly)..but others were finished with in 15 mints (TECHNICAL ND HR)…b consistent in ur ans..u might b hvng 2 rounds of technical…bcoz wat u hv said in 1st round dat ll b transmitted 2 the 2nd round also..dont know how they did dat….newaz im again saying prepare ur project very well..otherwise it ll hit u back very badly…prepare 1nly module of ur project ..dey ll ask from dat 1nly….ok.. HR round is a formality 1nly…bt still it has some influence in ur selection..dey ll sum total ur Technical round score as well as ur HR round score…collect some data abt Flextronics (its 1st settlement in india, its ceo nd awards nd achievemnts) make it sure u hv some technical nd non technical questions ready nd ask dem wen dey ll ask “do u hv ne questions???”try 2 pick some good ones…(dnt worry abt the difficulty of the questions…dey ll hv 2 ans)..newaz best of luck….

If selected ll c u in flextronics..bye


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