Kanbay Placement Paper

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Kanbay Placement Paper

Round 1 Logical Test:

1.Series 1-10-3-9-5-8-7-7-9-6-?-?
Ans 11,5

2. Series Ans EK

3. Series Ans 8

4. If ‘+’ is replaced by ‘x’ and …. Ans 24;

5. Rahul 12th from right and 4th from left . How many men should be added in the queue to make a group of 28.
Ans 13

6. A person spent 21 pounds in a drink party. If the vodka costs twice that of beer. And lemonade cost is 1/2 of beer. Howmuch this person is spent for beer.
Ans 6 pounds

7. What is odd in this sequence?
i) T.T. ii) Volleyball iii) Badminton …..
Ans Volleyball(check)

8. Cat : Mouse Ans
Bird : Worm

9. A dog grows …….. ?
Ans 8(check)

10. A boy is going with a dog Lucky. He has a bottle full of water. He drinks 1/3 and gives 1/2 of rest to the dog and then he drinks 1/4 of the rest then what will the fraction of total water remaining. Ans 1/12

11. A person goes towards north 10m, then turns to west 5m, then turns south …… ?
Ans North

12. A person goes forward 10m , turns to his right and walks 5m, then he always turns left 5,15,15 then what will be the displacement from starting point?
Ans 10 or 5(check)

13. A cuboid of dimensions 8×5×4 cm3 How many 2cm side cubes can be placed in this cuboid? Ans 16

14. Decoding …

15. Age relation between mother and son….. Find the ratio of ages.
Ans 25/7
16. how many 2 digit prime no.s divided by 7 and remainder 2.
Ans 4

17. The position of A is 7th from left and position of b is 9th from right and they exchange their each other’s positions. The position of A is 11th from left.How many men?
Ans 19

18. A is brother of P, B is daughter of A, C is brother of B. Who is the uncle of B?
Ans P

19. Day : Night
Ans Man : Woman(check)

20. Ganesh…………..
Ans Ganesh

21. HCTAM = MATCH then ELBAC = ?

22. 3 problems on algorithms ie. eg.

Kanbay Placement Paper

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