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30 questions out of which 12 have to be solved it’s basically the cutoff. there will be two papers first logic and then next maths. if you don’t go through the logic test you are out. there is minus marking too. there are five sets. note one thing that do the simplest questions first ie a single line question. Logic test is complete analytical reasoning test. paragraph will be given and three questions from the paragraph and some questions are for coding and some single line questions. Ocarefully. don’t answer any negative question. But at least go through the barrons so that you can score more than others and will be a plus point in interview. AND comes maths test

aptitude test it’s very easy . all from RS AGGARWAL. topics covered are
time and work
percentage ,
Some questions are

cube is of size 5*5*5 .every side has been colored. it is divided into125equal parts.
1.what is the no. of parts having only one side colored – 54.
2.no. of parts having two sided oloured 36.
3.having no side colored – 27.

If series is given for eg; ABCDE then just invert it i.e.. EDCBA

72 67 66 61 60 … Answer : 55

FGHIJKLMNO are setred in a square table … two on each side.three are ladies. ladies do not sit next to each other. condition are given.
1. who are the three ladies. Answer : : none of these.
2. what is J . Answer : : J is male.
3. how many members are there between F & K Answer : : 3

IF x is 15th term from first. then what is y from last: Answer : : 17th

A is 16th position and 29th from down of the people who passed.five failed , 6 didn’t give . how many boys are there in the class . Ans: 55

Deepak speaks someone about the man talking rather is the father of my daughter: Answer : uncle.

B is between C is between D&E . who are at the ends. Answer : : CE.

If april 18 was Wednesday in 1998,when is april 18 in 1999?

problems on permutation combinations like BANANA

If B has its shadow falling on right side early morning ,then in hich direction is he facing?

Age problems like……. Mothers age was twice the the age of son two years ago.after how many years will she be three times her sons age??

Analyzing data interpretations and around 4-5 questions based on that

A Guy has some chocolates with him he distributes them equally among 5 people and remaning with him is 3.if he distributes them equlay among 7 people remaining is 5 with him. Which of them isn’t is possible no.of chocolates he had??

In a test moti,ganesh,manali,rupali,raj, appear,according to the scores moti is not the leats scorer but is lower to raj………….who occupies the 2 nd postion is the order?

Mr a meets mrs b.mr b is has a son and daughter .son is moti and is married and has a son .mrs moti is mr a mother .how is mr a related to mr b??

Ram buys some dozens of apples and peaches .their price ratio is

If the price of 1 dozen of peach is is rs 9,how many dozens of apple did he bring?

Problems based on relationships like those in rs aggarwal

In a queue A is is in 7 th positon from the left and B is 9 position from the left .if they switch positions A is in 11 th position ,find the total people in the row??


S 1=={1,2,3,4}, S 2 =={A,B.C……….Z},S 3=={……………},(S1*S2)U S3==?

8*7=B,how much is 6*9== ?

4 to 5 questions on simplifying complex nos. equations

Sphere of radius 4.5 cm is divide in three spheres ,two have radius 1.5 and 2 cm,find the other ones??

If COMPLEX == 81,and……………….how much is ANALYSE==?? 2-3 questions based on similar pattern

Two taps a and b fill up a cistern in 2 and3 hrs ,at wat time should b be clsed if the tank cistern is filled up in 17 minutes??

A doctor checks 5 patients every 3 hrs with abreak of 10 minutes between each two check ups.how many he patients he checks in 10 hrs and 15 minutes??

no. of diagonals friends if vertices of a octagon are joined??

An equilateral triangle is formed by joining the centers of sides of a equilateral triangle.wat is the ratio of area ,s of both the triangles??

A can finish the work in 3 days , B can finish the work in double efficiency,can finish with equal efficiency of both A and B.if all work together within how many days will they complete the work?

A.B,C,D stand at the edges of a square.they start moving along the square sides.after clockwise rotation where will each be??

if 1 is stop,2 is run,3 is go,4 is wait,5 is walk,then would be the next stage if the following pattern 5 5 4 3 2 1 ………….. 4 1 2 2 3 1 ? http://www.careerenclave.com/.com C remembers meeting B after 14 but before 18 ,but D Remembers meeting B after 16 but before 18.when did both meet B??

avg age of boys in a class is 12.when the age of teacher is included it is 13.wat could be the age of teacher? 35 , 45,53,50

Kanbay Placement Paper

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