Mindtree Ltd Placement Paper

Company: mindtree Ltd

I am Jyoti from orissa..doing MCA here.. MindTree visited our campus on 14th july. Exam was conducted by PAC.. About 850 students appeared in the exam…out of them 245 are selected in written test.. More than 100 were selected in GD.. At last 72 students were selected for JOB. fortunately I was one of them..

Three round..
Technical and HR

Question Pattern..
Dont Worry..it is very easy..but u should be very much first in answering…because u have to do 97 question in 60 minute..No negative marking..but sectional cut off is there..u have to be careful..But one good news..No need to prepare for mindtree..All qts are easy..

There are flow chatrts, multiplication, division (ALL are MIND CALCULATION), selecting data from a given table by seeing the table..very easy qts from DS and OS..
U have to be quick enough..

GD was very easy…(Should youth indulge in politics?)

Technical and HR..
Many qts from DS, DBMS, OS, OOPS etc..
be bold enough and prepare to answering all the qts..
Some HR qts are also there.

Mindtree Ltd Placement Paper

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