Satyam Placement Paper

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Hi friends,

This paper came at cec, mohali on 17th march 2007

The paper of satyam was mind blowing……the questions were a little bit typical…. 30 min were fine for 15 questions.

There was negative marking 1/4 for each wrong answer. Each question was of 1 mark so total paper was of 15 marks. The new thing in the paper was the way the answers were marked. It was different from the traditional method…… the paper was although objective but there were five choices in each question and the correct one was to be crossed on the answer sheet

a b c d e

Suppose the answer is ‘a’ than you have to put ‘X’ on the Wright one and not tick mark or circle in case you put tick or encircle the option the question will be considered as WRONG.

Also in case you had put a cross on wrong option than just put three parallel lines on the cross that was put earlier and than choose the other option.

Some of the questions that I remembered are…

1. The circle is inscribed in a square of area 112 sq mts. What will be the area of circle
Ans: – the answer will be 88 sq mt.

2. Some of the statements were given in which one food item was related to other.
These types of questions are given in R.S.Aggarwal.

3. The probability of three students was given for doing a certain work. Find the prob. that the work will be finished by all three.

4. There were two different paragraphs and a different question for them

One was on study of gravity; other was on birds and aero plane

5. One question was on series a triangle was given and one term was missing from it…. We were to find that missing term.

6. One question was figure analysis…. In that we were just to move the sticks in decrementing order and bubbles in incrementing order.

7. One question was that a code for a word POCKET was given as CDTDZR (not the actual question) and another word DOG was given to form its code than its code will be WJE

the last letter T in pocket and the last letter R of the code cdtdzr are having difference of two the next letter has a difference of 4….and so on.

8. On question was that a program war given with certain conditions and its result was to be found



.and a condition was given.

The question was the easiest but a little time consuming.

Maximum questions were from R.S.Aggarwal Verbal and Non- Verbal & Quantitative aptitude.

So all the best….and get the written cleared

Satyam Placement Paper

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