Satyam Placement Paper

Company: satyam

hlo , im aparna(CSIT)im glad 2 say tht ive been selected into satyam3000 peopl attended the interview..270 after GD and 60 finally selected

the main process consists of

Aptitude: 15 ques 30 min

1) 20 k=k+2;

30 j=k*12;

40 j=j+40

50 l=k+40;

60if k<10 70 goto 20 80 print k output=??

2) compound interest problem

3)a person goes on a bicycle n sees the train every 5 min ther is a train every 5 minleavin the station some more details were given i don remembr much find the speed of person(relative speeds problem)

4)find next in the series 4 figures were given easy

5)what is the angle between hrs hand n minutes hand when the time is 21.55

6)pyramid p roblem easy one

7)a short para was given n a ques was asked on tht a il confusing(don b ina hury 2 answer think n opt the choice thtrez -ve marking)

8)1 more questin on leukamia in ratseasy u can conclude easily frm the para

9)a bar chart was given and find the years between which the increase was the highest find the increse relative 2 the next bar graph =>max difference =max increase

10)there r 8 cities and 2 women select 2 cities from the 1 st 4 and men select 3 cities from the rest

find the max possible ways of selection thts it i remembr

other topics are:
aranged mariages vs love mariages
is brain drain good 4 india
is education necessary 4 politicians
marriages r made in heaven
role of youth in politics etc..

watevr b the topic have an idea of how 2 talk

b bold and loud (mandatory) make it a discussion not a debate of all t he groups,ours was the only grp in which 7 out of 10 were cleared the gd nevr fight

i initiated the GD .but then made my point clear 2 every body,put a few valid points 4 discussion.our gd was cool.we discussed abt both the advantages n disadavantages,role and responsibilities of media.neithr supportin or goin against the topic.v generalised our points

teme abt ur self
family bck grd
questions on my prjct
RDBMS(concentrated more)
cprogram 4 chekin if a string is a palindrome withou usin strcmp()
where would u c 5 yrs frm now??
small talk on team work

thts it…….. all the best guyz application mind is important everythg u say suport wid examples in a convincing way.

n the job is urs…….

Satyam Placement Paper

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