SLASH SUPPORT Placement Paper



I am Riyaz. I attended the off campus of “SLASHSUPPORT” in March 2006 and I got selected. I would like to share my experience. “SLASH SUPPORT” as u all know is a CHENNAI BASED BPO. The post was TECHSUPPORT ENGINEER in KPO. The package is around 1,50,000 per year. The recruitment process consists of three rounds.


In this round all the students are divided in to groups of 10 or 12. Then an interviewer is allocated to each group. So in the first round u have only 12 members to compete with. U will be given a topic and one minute to prepare. But at times u will be asked to start even before one minute. The secret of cracking this test is in starting with great deal of confidence, fluency and clarity of thought. U will be told u will be given one minute to speak but u r given only 20-30 seconds. So the first few sentences u speak need to be really good b’coz u don’t have the time. I have seen damn good speakers not getting qualified b’coz they got stuck initially. I was the only person selected from a group of 12. Actually it was a surprise b’coz I thought there were at least 4 people who spoke well enough to be qualified apart from me. For some groups topics were allocated like mine. But for other groups they were asked to speak about topic of their choice.

Once u get thru the first round then the online test is just a formality. The online test consists of 125 bits in one hour. All of them multiple choices.
50 technical questions from Computer Networks and operating systems.
50 questions from Basic English. Like synonyms, Antonyms and completion of sentences.25 aptitude questions.

The Online test is just a formality coz they just see the relative cutoffs in each section. And u need to finish the test in the allotted time.

The HR interview was a pleasant experience. U just need to be u r self and be honest. The interview starts with trademark question
Tell me about yourself?
Are u willing to work in Night shifts?
Do u have a problem with working at nights?
Are u willing to join on the given date?
Why do u want to join as a TECH SUPPORT ENGINEER?
Are u willing to sign 8 month agreement ?
What are u r hobbies ?
I said Analyzing Advertisements and then he asked why did I like doing that? I answered that. He asked about the favorite add and I said TATA DICOR with the caption “Reclaim u r life”.

At last the announcement that I got selected. All the way it was pleasant experience b’coz only requisite to crack such exams is to speak well. Guys before attending any off campus analyze what u r good at. What are u r strengths. If ur strength is ur communication skills with minimal TECH knowledge then TSE is an ideal job. The package is also pretty good. After attending this off campus I attended another one and got selected in a CMMI Level 4 software company named “Valuelabs”. So I opted for the software job. But there are people who have opted to make career in BPO sector. So u need to make u r choices. In case u want to select call centers as a career, be prepared to handle high call volumes, very stringent metrics, work pressure, late night shifts and under constant surveillance (most bpos have cameras fitted everywhere and monitor the time one is logged in and has actually worked), however u get the benefits too, a pretty fat paycheck, good working environments and good exposure and a chance to learn new skills and improve oneself

SLASH SUPPORT Placement Paper

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